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TRL -- How We've Loved It!

In the 'day,' we never ever missed watching TRL. Seriously. We watched it every day!

Back when Carson Daly was the host and The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Nsync were on the show constantly.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have always loved pop music -- but the new Millennium brought us such incredible JOY. I can't tell you what fun it was to be wrapped up in the pop world -- and constantly dashing off to Las Vegas for concerts.

After years dealing with seriously ill parents, it was like popping out of our cocoons as butterflies. And we've continued with truly joyful lives ever since. Please don't get me wrong here -- I'm not saying we were unhappy people, ever. But there's quite a difference between being happy and being joyful. And so much of it was the MUSIC! How we love it!

MTV's 'TRL' comes to an end with an all-star bash

November 17, 2008

Though its sugary-pop, rap-rocked days of dominance have long since passed, MTV's "Total Request Live" ended its run last night with a star-studded prime-time goodbye in and around its Times Square studios.

After all, it wouldn't be an episode of "TRL" without shrieking, sign-carrying fans in the middle of Broadway trying to get the attention of whatever star was in the show's studio.

The feeling was mutual, though. Nelly said that coming from St. Louis simply standing at the window and looking down at the city was a thrill. "I got my window game down now," he added.

For 50 Cent, his "TRL" appearance was the first time "I came off the stage and asked, 'Did somebody tape it? How'd it look?'" he said backstage. "It was an accomplishment for me just to be on 'TRL,' having seen so many artists there before."

For Snoop Dogg, his "TRL" booking marked a different milestone. "Coming from the West Coast, I always wanted to be accepted in New York for rap," he said.

For nearly three hours, music's elite - from Beyoncé to Fall Out Boy, Diddy to Justin Timberlake (who drew rabid screams when he stepped to the window) - stopped by to "pay their respects" at the wake for the weekday countdown show that helped launch their careers. At its peak, "TRL" set the agenda for teenage America every afternoon, showing what groups were cool and what their peers were wearing, talking about and screaming for.

"'TRL' was always a show about you," the show's longtime host Carson Daly told the crowd. In return, they screamed.

Marilyn and I became different people during this time. Friends and associates who didn't know us during those years, often didn't really know us anymore.

What a pleasure it is to sit here and sing along with BSB, appearing on TRL again!

And John Norris interviewing The Boys? Perfect! Carson and John were such an important part of TRL...

I know we haven't really watched the show in years. (Hell, it was never the same after Carson Daly left.) But I'm still SAD to see it come to an end.

On the other hand, I wouldn't have missed TRL for the world!!! Thanks, MTV. And many thanks, TRL!!!
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