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Nachos for Dinner (woo hoo)

It's funny -- both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I decided that it felt 'like a party' as we were eating our nachos and watching TV.

So, we did go out very briefly today. First to take care of sister Sue's cats, where we saw Tatters for the first time ever. Boy guy, his ears are tatters -- so the name really fits him. But he seems like a sweet cat! He's all black and fluffy. He even let me pet him at one point. (I not only gave him his dry food and water, but I let him have some canned food, too. Saxon ate well and let me hold him while he purred. But there was no sign of Nikki. (She always hides.)

Then we went for Starbucks, as a treat. We've cut way back on Starbucks, so we hadn't had it for days and days. It was nice. I got the 'Gingerbread Latte,' and Marilyn had her iced Green Tea Latte.

After that we went to Staples, where I was able to buy my computer mouse. It's just like the old one I had, but it's black. The guy who showed me where it was said he uses the exact same mouse. I need to hook it up and test it out, but that should be no big deal...

We stopped for some groceries, and I shopped while Marilyn read her book in the car. (She's been trying to be pretty careful, because she's still sick.)

When we got back home, I made us nachos for dinner. Yummy! We'll probably each eat another one later on, as we hadn't had anything but a bowl of cereal to eat all day.

I'm not sure why we both were saying it was 'like a party' at almost the same time, but we agreed we were feeling that way. Maybe it was the nachos and TV viewing, or maybe it's just that Marilyn is now officially on vacation (even though she might need to go into the office on Monday).

Now Marilyn is napping on the family room sofa -- and I'm thinking about a nap, too... I might read a little first, which is what I normally do before having a nap in the evening. While I've been sick, I've barely been reading at all, which is odder than hell for me!

Anyway, I can't wait to test my mouse when I get up! Funny that it makes that much difference to me, but I do a lot of detailed work with my mouse (graphics), so the touch (shape, etc.) of the mouse really matters. And I really hate this 'spare' mouse that I'm using right now. (ugh)

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