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Charlie has her temper up!!!

Don't mess with me!

Our next door neighbor -- the one I call 'weird Willie' -- hired someone to saw down a large portion of our evergreen tree today!

Why am I mad about that?

Well, this is the on-going 'battle' of who is responsible about that tree! (Yes, a minor one, at that. But still!)

It has huge pine needles (inches long) that get everywhere -- especially in the neighbor's gutters. And the branches have rubbed our own power lines, etc. in the past.

But the point here is:

If the man will be using a ladder and climbing it from the neighbor's property -- without going on our property -- that's cool. He can certainly cut any limb that crosses over the fence into his space.

No. This guy climbed the actual tree -- which is on our property -- to get up there!!! No ladders, no nothin'!

And the mess? Oh God. Our yard is full of downed limbs!

Is the tree 'cutter' going to pick them up? Oh, no. The neighbor told him he'd take care of it. Right. I bet.

This is the neighbor who ousted the family who used to be living in that house when we moved in here to our house. His grandparents had told this wonderful family that they could 'rent to own' the home one day. But no. They die, and this guy kicks them out. He was also on the front page of our local Portland newspaper for fraudulent practices in his business. (Practices that put a number of people out of work.) I think he barely missed being jailed by a hair. He's a slimey one. Every time I talk to him I want to shower afterwards -- he's that oily a person.

My temper had my adrenaline flowing pretty high, I'll say that! I was pumped up enough to climb a mountain -- and I had been down for a nap after seeing my doctor earlier today and having a not-so-comfortable exam.

This is my first post after surgery -- which was two weeks ago exactly yesterday -- and it's this crap? Figures.

I don't want to fight with my neighbors. Those 'good fences that make good neighbors' aren't high enough, after all.

Marilyn's always sure I'll end up in some huge fight with the neighbors across the street who always have their multiple cars parked all over along our boulevard. It makes me nuts when they block us either on garbage night (Wednesday night) or actual pick-up morning (Thursday early) -- because I'm afraid they'll make it impossible for our garbage and recycling men to reach the stuff. Which would mean we'll end up stuck with it for another week! (ugh)

Oh, the joys of home-ownership. Honestly, I wouldn't miss them for the world, as I love having our own home. (And no landlords to dicker with.)

It's a miserable gray, cold, rainy day. And that poor bastard was out there cutting the tree. Then he had to face the 'wrath of Charlie.' (grin)

However, let's not any of us feel too sorry for him. He didn't know the legal rights about all this until I heatedly pointed them out to him. And he doesn't even have a business card to give me -- because the man has no phone! (He's obviously a friend of the creep -- which doesn't speak too highly for him in my book. But he was at least pretty apologetic and friendly in light of it all...)

Those branches better not be there next week when my own yard people come by! I'm not having us pay for that work in any way, shape or form!

Weird Willie already tried to get my yard man and his crew to do this work previously! He asked Hector about it, who immediately responded that he'd better talk to me! And then Hector told him he'd be glad to take on the job for him -- and told him his rates. Obviously Willie wasn't going to pay any reputable person's prices, because that had him choking according to Hector. (smile) I love Hector. He's a good egg.

Wellll. I suppose it might have set me off less if the noise hadn't awakened me from my (much needed) nap. I kept wondering why someone was so inconsiderate as to keep on running that 'leaf-blower' for all that time. (What an idiot. It took me ages to even look outside and see what was what!)

Okay, I started a long post about the joys of my surgery and so on, but never got around to posting it. (Needless to say, I guess.) More about all that later on. I'm doing better than anyone could expect, considering my 'simple' surgery turned out to be anything but! (grin)

I think my doctor seemed quite surprised when I told her I'd been 'off' the pain meds for 10 days now. I think she asked about them in order to give me an additional prescription, but I still have half a bottle of un-used pills here at home. (smile)

Needed to 'vent' about all this big time (obviously), so hope none of you mind. It's hardly a fascinating read, but we all go through similar things, after all.

I promise my next post will be of the more 'civil' variety!

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