CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Weekend Plans?

We'll probably try to go into the office over the weekend and do a few things there...

We're also 'cat sitting' (yes, again) for sister Sue, taking care of Saxon and Nikki (I'm not sure of the spelling for the second cat) -- plus Tatters (their outside cat). The last time we did this was October 24-26 (as mentioned HERE).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is much worse. She's been down all day today, actually.

I should make dinner at some point, as all we've had to eat today is peanut butter toast. I did make a pot of coffee, too -- and a cup of hot tea for Marilyn. But that's it.

The bad news about Jeff's laptop is that it is dead. Ron finally got the part he'd ordered, and it didn't work. I'm not surprised, as I figured all along it was more serious than that. Anyway, I think Ron will prove useful for other computer-related work, regardless. And for now, I've got a tower set up in Jeff's office, so it's all good.

Jeff can also use a jump drive (as I do) to take files back and forth from work to home until we get him a new laptop. (In fact, I have him a jump drive for his bday, so he's good to go with that.)

Ron felt bad, but I'd told him in advance that future work didn't rest on whether he could fix the laptop or not. Laptops are great, but when they get a ton of use and are carried around all the time, they're bound to go belly up after a couple of years. Jeff has worked that machine hard, so personally I'd say it's no surprise. (In fact, the minute it crashed, I warned him that it was likely it would need replacing, so he won't be surprised to hear it.)

As for my own computer woes, my mouse appears to be going out. It's been acting up for some time now, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's annoying, though. Until I get a new one, I have to deal with unplugging and plugging and other patchwork things. What a bother! (big sigh) All my 'spare' mice are in the office right now, so I'll have to pick one up so I can swap it out... We always need more mice there, so I keep several of mine there all the time.

The weather turned yesterday, thankfully, so we're in a dry spell. The rain has been maddening, and causing a lot of local flooding issues.

Marilyn and I watched Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" (1954) again today. What a great movie. The set for that is incredible...

I didn't mention that I finally finished the book I'd been reading, written by a local author from St. Johns. He's a bad writer, in my humble opinion -- and the end was so awful that I had to force myself to wade through it. (ugh) I could go on and on, but let's just say I wasn't surprised. He writes a column for a local community newspaper, and his stuff is often crap. At least I got done reading it, so I could give it back to June. And at least I didn't spend my own $$$ buying the damn book.

Lately Colin (Kitty) has taken to sitting in my lap -- sometimes for hours at a time. He's not usually a lap cat, so it's quite a surprise! It must be part of that Autumn thing...

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