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Microsoft Ends Free Support for Windows XP Next April (2009)

Microsoft Ends Free Support for Windows XP Next April (2009)

According to one study, there will be more than 1 billion computers in use worldwide by the end of 2008 -- and the vast majority of these are running Windows XP (some 68 percent of client computers in use around the world use XP). The OS's closest challenger is Vista, which represents over 19% of the worldwide PC market.

Assuming these stats are accurate, there are nearly 700 million copies of Windows XP on the planet.

Windows XP reaches the end of mainstream support on April 14, 2009. As it did first ship in late 2001, the end of mainstream support is more than two years later than what is typical, which is a testament to XP's popularity.

Anyway, unless Windows XP users want to start paying for support (!!!), come next spring it will be time to start hunting for alternatives to Microsoft support.

Well, as I can rarely find the answer to any of my problems via the official Microsoft website, I'm not sure why I'm letting this brother me in the first place.

On those rare occasions when I telephoned Microsoft for help (never when it was ME paying, mind you), I frequently didn't get the assistance I needed, anyway. I can't tell you how many times I'd end up figuring it out myself. I recall phoning them back several times to try to tell them the answer to a question, which meant paying to give them an answer. This was generally at the insistence of a client, who wanted me to prove to Microsoft that there was an answer after all. (smile)

I remember those days when I was leery of Windows XP. But it turned out to be a pretty decent OS after the bugs were worked out. I've finally started to learn my way around Vista (what choice do we have, after all?), but I'm not a fan. Obviously, I'm not alone! I still don't know what Microsoft was thinking when they made such drastic changes to the OS...

I'm curious about Windows 7, but can't help worrying that Microsoft will make it an even bigger resource hog that isn't the least bit intuitive. (sigh)

Is it any wonder I hate Microsoft?

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