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LiveJournal's New Profile Page? It's Ugly.

The new Profile Page at LiveJournal? It's ugly. They keep going around and around about it, but the majority of the comments they've received from users clearly indicates that people don't like the change.

But it's also entirely clear that they aren't going to back down on this, for whatever reason.

Many of us just want an opt-out that lets us keep the old version of the Profile Page, but no dice.

It scrolls on forever, especially if your Bio section is large. (Many of us LIKE having large bios, by the way.) Could they at least add some 'back to top' LINKS after each of the countless sections??? I feel like I have to scroll up and down and up and down way, way, too much. (sigh) As a webmaster, I wouldn't think of having a really long page without providing 'back to top' links for site visitors!

I actually go to my own Profile Page a ton. And I refer to that page for others a ton, too. So the change does impact me, so I feel justified to complain. I did beta, and really did NOT like what I saw (and changed back). I'm shocked to hear it said that the majority of the feedback they received was 'positive' -- can that be true??? (You certainly can't tell that by the comments they're getting right now!)

I'm sure I'll get used to it. I've managed to get used to a lot of other changes here since 2002, when I first got my LJ. But I wish they'd focus more time and effort on the things that users really want, rather than changes we don't want.

Folks, if it's not broken, why do they insist on fixing it???

I don't know what they're going for, is my problem. I've always felt LiveJournal was one of the most attractive sites -- and so many times better than something like MySpace that it doesn't even need to be said. (MySpace is ugly as can be, no matter how much you try to tweak it.) I just hope they aren't going to make LJ less and less attractive over time. That would be a great shame...

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