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Update on Chucky -- and Marilyn, Too!

I talked to nurses Jane (this morning) and Karen (this afternoon), so I've been well informed about Chucky's current condition.

The situation about having a PIN is (finally) resolved, by the way. That was quite a can of worms every time I phoned, so I was pleased when Jane gave it to me this morning. (Again, the doctor is at fault for not doing so -- and I've been annoyed and angry enough at times to report him. But I'm letting it go. It doesn't really matter as long as I can get the information I want.)

Jane had told me early this morning that there was a chance he'd be released from the hospital today. Not back to his group home, because he needs special care (packing) for his wound, and they're not certified to do it there. So there was apparently discussion that he would go to a skilled nursing or similar facility until the wound had healed enough for him to go back to the group home.

I found a message on our answering machine early today that Maria (from the group home) hadn't been issued the PIN number either -- so they weren't able to get info about Chucky's condition! How ridiculous is that? I phoned and got an answering machine and left the number for her, so hopefully that's resolved, at least. She might have received it today anyway, because she went up to visit Chucky and helped to feed him his lunch.

One of the problems they'd been having that Jane told me about was that Chucky wasn't eating. They have his left (good) hand in a 'mitten' -- which is sort of like a boxing glove. It keeps him from pulling out his tubes, which he's been doing. But it means he can't feed himself, which is what he prefers. So he was spitting out all the food they tried to give him.

This has been true for years and years now (going by the detailed reports I've read), so I wasn't surprised to hear it. I assured her that if they would let him have his hand free, he'd feed himself. The concern remained as to whether or not he'd still try to pull out his IV, but she felt they could keep an eye on that during lunch. Thankfully that wasn't necessary, due to Maria's visit. They were also able to give him his oral meds while she was there.

On the negative side, he vomited after lunch, which concerned them. That's the main reason they're keeping him in the hospital at this point. They'd been waiting for him to finally have a bowel movement, too (pretty normal for anyone in the hospital) -- and he's had three today! Karen told me it had been 'pretty wild' in his room since she took over around 11:00 a.m.

She was just the sweetest person to talk to! I can't say enough about how warm and kind she was. She called Chucky 'a sweet guy,' and said he didn't seem anxious at all to her.

There's no sign of pneumonia, he's been able to sit up quite a bit and is doing pretty well, all things considered.

He clearly has the best care possible from both the hospital and his group home, so I couldn't ask for more.

I tried to phone sister Sue, but didn't reach her. I'll have to try again soon. She phoned me yesterday when we were leaving for work, so I didn't get a chance to really talk to her. And by the time the Fall Board Meeting was over last night, I was too tired to even think about it.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn did really well yesterday, even with very little voice. She had an important meeting at 1:30, then we headed over for the meeting around 4:30. (We bought McDonalds on the way, as there was one close to the meeting building. We were both pretty hungry by then, as we hadn't eaten all day. I love McDonalds! It saved us again... We just had enough cash on us to each have a Southern chicken sandwich.)

The facility wasn't glamorous, as in past gatherings, but was really quite nice. And FREE is a perfect price, so we'll probably use it again for other meetings. There was tons of parking close by and more space than we would ever need. (The fleet committee has been using it for years, and both Jim and Paul are ready to arrange for space whenever we need it.)

The meeting was done with a panel in front of the room and any and all questions and discussion encouraged. I think it went pretty well. Marilyn suggested Frank as the panel mediator, and he did an outstanding job. Robert spoke well and Jeff did a really good job, too. There was a lot of interesting discussion.

I talked to Tim about being the Chairman for ClubRunner, so hopefully I'll get him up and running right away! I'm excited to see how that works out. He's a brand new Board member and is perfect for this role.

Marilyn was pretty sick by the time we went to bed last night. And this morning at 6:00 a.m., she was much worse. She could barely sit up, so going to work was out of the question. I'm sure yesterday took a lot out of her. She's only been sick a week today (today I've been sick two weeks), so she's probably got another week ahead of her. One of the other Board members has had this two weeks, too, so she was saying the same thing last night.

Our yard people just left. They were here for ages taking care of all the leaves that were down. We've had quite a bit of wind, so it was a real mess. At one point last night, Marilyn and I heard a huge crash outside, so we both went outside to check it out. It was quite stormy, and we were both concerned about the tree in back coming down, so we went right back in again. I suppose we'll be lucky if it doesn't come crashing down in the next few days... (But at least I'd like it not to crash down on either one of us!)

There's supposedly an end in sight to all this rain, which would be nice. The river is quite high and there's been a lot of local flooding. We keep hearing reports of stopped up street drains. Fortunately, we don't seem to have a problem with that here in this house. Our last two homes had constant issues! I can't tell you how many times I'd be out in pouring rain with a rake and other tools, trying to manage it. It would flood up over the sidewalk!

I do need to get our gutters cleaned out. I've been remiss about it. I should go phone somebody right now...

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