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Late Comers? LOTR Hang Up.

For whatever reason, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I didn't get all hung up on the (wonderful) LOTR ("The Lord of the Rings") movies in the past.

Sometimes this happens when we're already massively hung up on something else. (You know how it goes. Just exactly how many things can a person be hung up on at one time, anyway? LOL.)

It's all about timing.

I think we both knew we'd 'go there' (crazy for LOTR) sooner or later. We thought it would be sooner, but whatever. LOL.

Anyway, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" has been playing (almost constantly) on cable recently.

Of course, we do own the DVD (and have for ages). But maybe you know how this goes, too. There's just something about a movie being on cable that will make you watch it when you won't bother putting in the video or DVD. ROFL.

This takes me back to high school...

Really, I did try to read the books. Sincerely.

I've never been much into fantasy books--with the exception of anything that touches on Arthurian mythology, that is! I've had tons of friends and other people I've known and/or associated with who've been really (really) wrapped up in fantasy books and movies. (And in writing--usually bad or at least poor--fantasy fiction.)

Do you know one of the things that turned my off when I was in high school was the way the Hobbits were named? "Bilbo Baggins? You've got to be kidding me..." (Remember, I was a teenager at the time. LOL.)

Now I actually want to try the trilogy again. About time, I suppose.

Yes, I am that person that's been tagged as a 'reader.' Yes, my entire life has been reading at least four--and more often six to ten--books at any give time (at the same time). That does not, by the way, count manuals--that's only my fiction reading...

I love to read and always have. So not reading the LOTR books is pretty strange for me!

And Marilyn and I also have been very involved in Sci Fi circles since 1980. (Costuming, clubs, cons and the like.) So you can see what an odd omission this is for me...

But, hell, it took me years to finally read the (one million?) "Dune" books, too. For much the same reason, by the way... (I don't recall what got me started on them, finally. But I think the movie probably influenced it.)

Marilyn and I love the pure all-out SLASHINESS of LOTR, of course. Currently we're both feeling the Boromir/Aragorn love. LOL.

I made a nice wallpaper of them that I've yet to upload, by the way. If anybody is interested, then I'll go and upload it. (smile)

So now I'm having to make LOTR icons. Natch.

I'm not sure when I'll find time to go to a bookstore! But come the end of Rose Festival I'll be buying the trilogy to start reading...

Meanwhile, we're watching the movie and loving every second of it.

There's something to be said for waiting to get really into a given genre! We can just pop in movie after movie if we like, for example.

By the way, I now want this--really, really bad! LOL. (Okay, so it's not inexpensive. Oh well!)

On another note, Marilyn's upcoming surgery will cost her around $2,000 (after insurance). So I don't think we'll be trying to head to Vegas to see Britney in August after all...

(Wow, this has been a spendy year for us!)

Things are basically horrible here, Festival-wise. The weather is killing us. We've got media issues going on. It's just a very hard year. We're counting the days 'til it's over for 2004. (Sad.)

More later. I'm in a spamming mood today!

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