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Marilyn Still Has Laryngitis -- But Whatever!

Everyone knows that I'm impressed by my sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn, because I've never made a secret of it.

In fact, years ago a woman online claimed that I didn't exist, I guess because no sister could be really fond and proud of her sister (???), the way I'm fond and proud of mine. It must have been a shock -- and maybe a disappointment (???) -- to discover that I'm for real. (smile) Assuming she finally believes I am!

Look, Marilyn's not a saint -- nor would I want her to be one! I love her irreverent sense of humor and her rare, but lethal, temper. I don't want her to be perfect, because I like her just the way she is. So, I guess she is perfect, to me. That really confuses the issue, doesn't it? (heh)

Anyway, she continues to amaze me (and make me proud) by the way she deals with life -- and all the ups and downs. This bout of flu with laryngitis is just another example...

She'll be at the meeting she can't miss at work today -- and at the Fall Board Meeting tonight. And she'll talk with what voice she has, because that's who she is. And I admire the hell out of it. I really do.

So we're headed to the office and work. Then the meeting, which hopefully won't run too late tonight.

I'm not convinced Marilyn's at all ready to be back at work. She's only been sick for a week (less?), and I've had this bug two weeks tomorrow. From experience, I know it simply has to run its course -- and I always get these things for two to three weeks, no matter what I do. (Yes, that includes seeing a doctor. There's not much they can do, frankly. And a lot isn't covered by my health insurance, so...)

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