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Still Sick.

Yeah, I'm still sick, as is Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who still has laryngitis. She sounds like she might be starting to get her voice back, but I'm reserving judgment on that...

At one point today, Marilyn had me laughing so hard that I started to cough, then I peed my pants! While in the bathroom, I kept laughing and coughing until I actually threw up. It sounds disgusting, but it was still funny.

She'd said that she couldn't cough without peeing herself, which had me in gales of laughter. Seriously.

Okay, when you're sick, you find your fun where you can. No point in getting grim, after all.

We just bought the 2007 movie "88 Minutes" on cable and watched it. Entertaining. Al Pacino is as appealing as ever. What a good looking man and great actor. We've loved him since the 1970's on...

It's now time for a nap. Tomorrow is a big day (the Fall Board Meeting), so we need all the rest we can get...

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