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Good Morning! At the Office...

Yes, it is almost 4:00 a.m.

Yes, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are at the office.

Marilyn was unable to use Remote Access from home, in order to email the office. (After all, she can't talk, so she can leave a voice mail right now.)

So, I tried it -- and I couldn't Remote, either!

We got a strange (new) message, so I've been researching that for the past 20 minutes. Marilyn is up in her office working. I already checked things out on the Server, but couldn't find any reason for the problem there.

Sometimes we'll fail to be able to Remote if we've had a power issue, and our computers end up off. (They have to be on in order to use Remote Access [actually Remote Desktop].) But that wasn't the problem. And, frankly, we get a different error message, too.

So I'll need to check some thing out when we get back home. I have some possible answers, but I'm still not sure what will work...

It's quiet (and dark) here. I've only got one small light on in my cube, aside from the light from the computer.

We ate more leftover bean dip for dinner (we've finished it now). And I also had a bowl of leftover soup. We have a chicken, so we can make little bun sandwiches with that for lunch tomorrow. (I'll give the rest of the meat to June and Jim. We only keep the breast meat.)

Speaking of June, she emailed to tell me that Maggie (one of the outdoor cats) was hit by a car and killed today. Marilyn and I are very upset about it. Poor kitty! It was late when I got the message, so I did email her back, but haven't talked to her about it, yet. I'll try and call her tomorrow... er... TODAY. (It is early morning on Monday, after all!)

I had a nice email from Shari, too. Her brother Bob and sister-in-law Jan got two new kittens, so she wrote to tell us. I've been hoping to see Shari for weeks, but it seems like something always gets in the way...

Well, I should see how Marilyn is doing. I don't want her to have to stay out too long, consider she's still pretty sick.

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