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Busy Day at the Office

Poor Marilyn mistressmarilyn has ended up with full on laryngitis, I'm afraid. But no wonder after meetings all day and having to talk constantly! She hasn't had it in years, so she's pretty disappointed.

She had a 7:30 meeting this morning, so we got an early start in the office.

Jeff's laptop went out today, so it gave me a chance to call sister Sue's friend Ron, who lives near her. He was actually over at Riverplace with a client, so he came pretty quickly. He's got the computer for the weekend, and will hopefully be able to get it running again. If not, we've got some ideas about how we'll replace it.

I was impressed by Ron, and might have him do some other work for us. He's ready to do it pro bono, for being able to say the festival is a client. (Our name still goes far with many people. Our website is hosted for free on the same basis, actually.)

I spent most of the day on IT-related issues, though I did get a few web pages coded, too.

Jessica and Doug dropped by today, a happy surprise! It was really good to see them.

Both of my meetings went well, so all in all it was a productive day.

Chucky made it through surgery really well, and will probably be in the hospital for five days. Sue told me that when he was a toddler they said he wouldn't live more than a year. That was more than 50 years ago! (It shows what they know...)

It was great to get home at a reasonable hour and have a long nap after a busy day (and week). We had a late meal of my hot bean dip, which turned out quite good.

I think we're both looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, resting and recovering from this flu.

Marilyn does have budgets to work on (and some fanfic to complete) -- and I could afford to put in more time on ClubRunner. I didn't get to my insurance papers this week, either, and they need to get in, so I'll try to do that this weekend. But I'm hopeful we'll keep the work at a minimum and focus on rest. This bug has really been kicking our asses!

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