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Non-Political Update (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has my bug. I feel so bad about that... (sigh)

This is not a good thing, because she can't afford to miss work this week, no matter how lousy she feels. She has that terrible sore throat I started out with, poor thing. I hope she gets better fast. It's not fair at all for her to be sick right now. She felt pretty sick as she headed off to work a few minutes ago (just past 7:00 a.m. for an early morning meeting), so we'll see how it goes for her. The list she reeled off didn't really allow for her to come home if she feels like crap...

Anyway, aside from politics which pretty much drove yesterday for me), I did do some other things! (I actually finished up one task around 3:00 a.m. -- but I don't mind that, as it was so satisfying!)

On the IT Management side of my world, I figured out how to add a non-festival email address to the Server that festival-emails can be forwarded to. This probably sounds simple, but it's anything but simple. It took me over an hour of concentration to work it out.

I've tried to do this before, but it's not at all intuitive, in my opinion. And it's fairly well hidden, too, in an 'Advanced' area.

You know what I mean? It's one of those places that's made to intimidate us when we need to do something. (smile) I said to Marilyn that it bugs me that I get the feeling that some of this stuff is deliberately made hard. It's as if they want you to be forced to take courses for certification on things that shouldn't require it!

As for me, I've become braver all the time about working through these things, so I finally was able to add the email address -- then set up the forwarding of the festival email to the 'new' address I'd just added. I'm excited about it and can't wait to see it working.

Then I had more issues with some basic IT-related things I needed to do. Some of it just seemed more difficult to do here from home, rather than there in the office. But I stuck with it and finally got get it done! I spent some time just frustrated by trying to work it out, then realized I was back to the Remote Access question, yet again. Once I reasoned out the latest setting I needed to change (another one???), I was able to finish up the necessary tasks.

Actually, I need to do my insurance papers today -- so that's at the top of my 'To Do' list! But I could work on festival-related things pretty much 24/7 and never get it all done, it seems. This doesn't bother me as much this year as it did last year. I guess that's because I'm used to it after all these months! (grin)

I did take down the Halloween decorations yesterday, finally. Both inside (upstairs and down) and outside, too. I carefully packed everything away for next year. I usually do this right after Halloween, but being sick I just didn't care, to be honest.

I've got reams of scribbled NOTES about IT-related things that I need to take time to type up. I can't believe how complicated some of these steps are!

And I managed my nifty little 'trick' using a Yahoo email account that I've used before. This will solve a problem we had about giving a Board member access to a festival email account (without giving her Remote Access). For any person to have Remote Access to the office, you have to have a dedicated computer -- which simply means you have to have a computer that 'belongs' to the person who wants to Remote. Obviously you wouldn't do this for someone who wasn't working all the time for the festival, because we can't spare a computer for that purpose. But I've learned a great work-around...

First, I set up a festival email account. Then I set up a Yahoo account with a similar name.

I add the Yahoo account to our 'Outside' email addresses (the step I discussed above). Then I go to the Yahoo account and into Options. Then I go to Mail Addresses. There you can ADD an email account.

Actually, I've done this with my LiveJournal email -- allowing me to SEND emails that appear to be from! Isn't that cool? Anyone who uses a POP email account for their LJ email can do this, by the way... (No, it doesn't work with web-based emails.)

Anyway, now our Board member can have all emails sent to the festival email account forwarded to the Yahoo account. If she needs to Reply, that will appear to be from the festival account, rather than the Yahoo account -- but she can do this all from inside Yahoo!

I love how this works. I'm sure it sounds convoluted, but it's a perfect solution for our needs.

On that note, I believe I'll make a pot of coffee, then start on my insurance papers! Plus it's garbage and recycling day (sigh), so I might tackle some of that early, too.

Then I'll get back to my IT-related and website stuff. There's a ton to do.

Somewhere in here I need to START on NaNo if I'm going to do it! Today's the fifth, and I haven't written a word. (sigh)

And before I forget, I should post more Halloween photos today!!! (grin)

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