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V O T E ! ! !

This is such an exciting day! I've had the TV on all day long so far, and am currently watching MSNBC (and have been for hours).

I voted! How about YOU?

the Power of One Vote

I've been lucky enough to see some really meaningful things happen during my lifetime. And this election is certainly one of these! There aren't even words to say how much this election means to the United States, and the world.

I know this must get a bit boring for all my non-American friends, but if you're interested, you can always cast your own VOTE, HERE, at the If the World Could Vote website. (smile) Actually, people of all nations (including the U.S.A.) can participate (I did).

I really miss standing in line at an actual voting place to cast my vote! It's just not the same to vote by mail. (sigh)

My beloved Aunt Dorothy was an election worker for most of her life, and just loved it. While watching Sarah Palin voting, I was struck by the warmth of the experience. We used to run into people that we didn't see any other time when going to vote...

I imagine someday we'll cast our vote via the internet, which will probably make sense. So I need to 'let go' of going out to vote, I guess. It's wonderful to watch people standing in long lines, though, waiting for hours in many cases to cast their ballots.

History is being made, and we're all part of it. I can't even say how excited I am!

(In less happy news, I talked to Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who is at work, and she's clearly got my bug... What a shame!)
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