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Sick. (Sicker?)

I stayed in bed until 1:00 p.m. today.

Again, Marilyn mistressmarilyn has just been sweet as can be to me. I can't even say how wonderful she's been.

Well, much of the time I can't sleep. I guess I'm too restless from being sick and from the meds I'm taking. I prop myself up so I'm almost sitting, which isn't very comfortable, but it keeps me from starting to cough.

I'm taking the usual 'blue' pills -- Equate, which is the Wal-Mart store brand, and really cheap. These pills have both an antihistamine and nasal decongestant. I don't find that the daytime version (white pills) work for me, but the blue pills are great. They come in a box with BOTH versions, which is extremely inconvenient, as I end up with tons of boxes that I'll never use. I can't even give the damn things away, as nobody wants them!

I'm also using a cough syrup with an expectorant (this germ is in my chest really bad now). It's also generic, and works fine -- besides saving lots of $$$.

In order to sleep at all, I have to suck on a cough drop, too. I like to use Ricola's Honey Herb cough drops, which I find very effective and soothing. And no, I don't swallow the drop while sleeping, believe it or not! If I haven't 'finished it' before I drift off, then I'll wake up with the last of it lying on my tongue. I've been doing this since childhood, so I guess I'm really used to it.

Last night while lying awake unable to sleep, I was remembering the terrible chest colds I used to get as a child. They'd try everything they could think of to stop the coughing. I remember being given spoonfuls of sugar and honey and told to "suck it slowly." (Right. That works so well!) I also remember being given huge spoonfuls of Vicks vaporub ointment (which is supposed to be topical, only). Now most people would find that disgusting, but I was so desperate from coughing that I actually was okay with it and welcomed the soothing effect (though it didn't last). Poor Mom and Dad -- they really were trying to find a way to calm my coughing...

I did listen to the TV (but not watch it) a bit today. Then when I got up I saw the last of the 2006 nmovie "Flicka" (based on the book "My Friend Flicka"), with Alison Lohman and Tim McGraw. I thought it was entertaining (I love horses and love horse stories).

Here's a quick PREVIEW from our Halloween photos.

Yes, John McCain did visit our house:

2008 Halloween - John McCain
(Didn't I make a good McCain?)

Yes! More photos to come soon!

Back to bed, I guess. Wow, it's great to be sick... (sigh)
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