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I'm Worse, I Think...

It's so annoying to be sick when there's so much I want to be doing...

But about all I feel up to is sitting up to the computer playing Zuma. And not all that well. (smile)

I can't even type worth a damn, which means I can barely blog and certainly can't write anything.

I'd like to put down some notes for NaNo and my novel (that I'm finally returning to, after starting it for NaNo 2005). But I guess that's out of the question for now.

In fact, I'm heading downstairs to see what Marilyn mistressmarilyn is up to. Maybe it's time to go to bed. I'm just having such a bitch of a time sleeping, that I end up lying there miserable. (I don't even feel like reading, which is a pain. It would distract me, at least!)

I wish I weren't sick. I've got a bunch of work that needs doing, but it's clearly not happening for a few days, anyway. (sigh)

Marilyn has been so damn sweet to me while I've been sick. I'm so lucky to have someone caring for me the way she does. I can't imagine how awful it must be to be sick and alone (or with someone uncaring around). I'm blessed. I really am! She's just the best.

Time for more meds, I think!!!

Tags: 2008, marilyn, november-2008, sick

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