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Still Sick...

I did get down three bottles of water yesterday, at least.

Today I've eaten a bit, and Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went shopping for some things we needed. Shopping wore me out, so now that I've had a bowl of (yummy homemade) soup, I think it's time for a nap...

I still haven't downloaded the photos, but will do that later. I also need to take down all our Halloween decos, but no rush, I guess.

I haven't started NaNo yet, but have some great ideas floating around in my head, so it's all good!

I'm starting to show signs of laryngitis. I hope it doesn't happen, but what can I do?

There's nothing much else going on, except that I've sat up a bit to play Zuma and have watched some TV. I haven't even felt like reading, though, so it's been pretty quiet.

We're talking about hosting the local NaNo people here at our home, the way we used to host our Writing Circle. It wouldn't be much trouble to have people over once a week, after all, so I think we'll do that. It was Marilyn's idea, but I'm all for it.

Tags: 2008, marilyn, nanowrimo, november-2008, sick

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