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Yes, I Feel Better Than Yesterday!

Yeah, I'm better than yesterday. No, I'm not 100% by a long shot. But I'm going slow and trying to take it easy in between all my housework.

My favorite task today? It was a hard one, but very satisfying!

I took down two of the kitchen mini-blinds to clean them (one at a time, actually). Getting them down is an effort, but once I'd done that, I soak them in my bathtub, using Dawn foam to remove the grease and dirt. The problem in the kitchen is that the mini-blinds get grease from cooking, then they're impossible to clean while hanging (I've tried a dozen different ways with poor results).

After soaking, I drain them then carry them (with a towel under for drips) out into the yard, where I drape them over a couple of chairs. Then I use the garden hose to spray of the remaining dirt on both sides. I let them hang there to get most of the water off, while I go back inside and do other work. (I have a whole system worked out of how long I soak and so on. I should probably put that all down here so I'll remember it for future cleanings...)

The final step is to hang them back up, put the fasteners back on, then gently dab them to get off more water. I let them finish drying in place, which actually works quite well.

All this requires is a dry day, and not a sunny one, as I'd originally imagined. (I was thinking I'd have to dry them off outside in the sun, but they dry nicely in the house, with very little mess, surprisingly.)

I've only done the two (there are four in the kitchen), so I have more to do. We have these hanging in every room except the living room and Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bathroom (oh, and the utility room and garage don't have them), so there are a lot of mini-blinds in this house that could use cleaning! There are three here in our office, though they really don't look all that dirty. (I suspect the kitchen gets the worst of it.)

I made sister Sue her form for the cribbage tournament she's running in December. She has a friend who will make copies if she can get it to her right away (which I suppose explains why she's in such a rush for an event that's over a month from now). She has cribbage tonight, so will drop by on her way to get the form.

I've also been cleaning in the kitchen, the living room and downstairs (a tiny bit, mostly the utility room, which is storage and where our washer and dryer are located). I actually cleaned off the shelf above the windows, where I have my small cow collection (along with some bells that were my mother's and other items). I've now got about half what was there before, all clean. Plus I scrubbed the shelf and the walls around them and the ceiling (the shelf is very high, close to the ceiling). And I vacuumed the kitchen rugs and mopped the floor. It looks pretty nice, really!

Anyway, hours later I've finally finished cleaning and decorating for Halloween. Marilyn and I took some of the decorations down to the office this evening to decorate there for our potluck party tomorrow (Mandy helped us). We put up a giant spider web in Jeff's office, which should be funny. He hates spiders far more than Marilyn does, so Marilyn thinks he won't even want to go near his desk! Funny, huh? (smile) We used to do pranks like that all the time, so it's fun to do one now.

Last night while doing yet more grocery shopping (I couldn't get the chicken I needed when I shopped with Sue yesterday), we got a really cute cake for Friday, which is orange with licorice sticks for 'legs' to create a big spider! Marilyn said that she and Sara wanted to do a cake walk, so this will be one of the cakes. Cute, huh?

I did drop by to see June and Jim for a few minutes around dinner time. I hadn't seen them in ages, so it was nice...

It's going on 10:00 p.m. and I have my homemade (veggie-only) soup done, as well as my (veggie-only) bean dip. The last thing is my chicken casserole, which is in baking right now and will be done by 10:30. I'm pleased to have two options for the vegetarians in our office. I'm not used to cooking veggie-only food, so it was interesting!

Anyway, soon I can have a nap, which I sincerely need. It's been a super-busy and super-productive day!

I've had little to eat today, so we're going to have bowls of cottage cheese with crackers, which is something we love. I can't wait!

I'm so excited to see Marilyn do 'Sarah Palin' for Halloween. I think that's going to be a blast!!!

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