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Sore Throat, Damn It!

The 'sick in bed' icon is false, because I don't have time to be down in bed today! (Why do I have to have a sore throat -- and feel like I'm getting a cold? I don't have TIME for that today!)

First off, I'm going grocery shopping (with sister Sue) to get ingredients for the food I'm cooking for our Friday potluck.

I'm also planning to clean house today -- and (finally) decorate for Halloween. (And maybe do some laundry, if I find the time.)

We'll probably have some people over for Halloween -- I need to invite them today, as it's getting late to do that! Of course, we're very (very) casual about Halloween -- it's nothing fancy. We have some traditional foods and hand out candy to kids and chat and watch horror films on TV. And that's about it! Very laid back.

Traditional foods include hot dogs and chili (and cake donuts, if we can find them). We've had this for Halloween literally our entire lives, by the way. (Long before other people start to make this a 'traditional' holiday...)

Taking photos of little kids is part of the fun -- we've got many from years past. (Well before digital cameras!)

Well, I've got to run. Hopefully I'll write more later.

Tags: 2008, halloween, october-2008, sister-sue

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