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Accident -- But They're Both Okay!

Our friend Jessica pb_n_jam and her boyfriend Doug were driving to Portland from Denver (moving Doug back home). On the way, their car started to 'steam' (a few miles from Utah) -- and the next thing they knew it was on FIRE!!!

Happily, they're both unhurt and they got most of their things out of the car. But we're talking a huge fire that burnt up the entire vehicle. Yeah, scary as hell! I keep thinking how easily they could have died when I look at the photos they shared with us. It's terrible to have something like this happen, but wonderful to come through it okay!

The funny thing is that both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been meaning to phone Jess all week long, it seems. Every single time we'd talk I'd say, "...did you have a chance to call Jessica?" -- knowing that she had planned to (and that she wanted to talk to her). We've talked about her often, as it's strange not having her in the office now.

Jessica and road trips? Well, she's had issues in the past, too... But she's quite the survivor, I have to say!

I should share a photo of their destroyed car. You wouldn't believe it. It's the sort of thing you see, but never expect to have happen to anyone near and dear to you!

Anyway, we've got to head over to feed sister Sue's cats, so I'll write more later. I have a feeling we're not going to be making that trip to the beach after all, but that's okay!

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