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Sleepy, Autumn Day...

It's been a busy week, so it was lovely to literally sleep in until noon.

Sleep. It's highly under-rated. (I should know, as a person who has spent several years not getting enough of it.)

I had lovely, lovely dreams. Many of them. Interestingly, this clearly does effect eye movement, because for a change when I woke up my contacts didn't feel glued to my eyeballs -- and I didn't need to use any eye drops. (Usually I do that every single morning.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I lazed around and played some games, then went over to take care of sister Sue's cat Saxon (and feed all the cats). There was no sign of the other indoor cat, or of Tatters, the outside cat -- but his bowls were empty, so I assume he ate. Saxon (who is actually Candy's cat) has been very friendly and is eating really well. I felt him, and he's got a nice, round belly on him. I think he's doing fine, in spite of limping a bit. He's around 15, but much healthier than either Indy or April were at that age, so he could live for ages yet, I suspect.

After that, we came home and put on another pot of chili, then ate. We don't normally eat chili two days in a row, but what the hell -- it's what we both wanted.

Since we've been watching a bunch of TV and just totally relaxing.

And now we're both thinking of naps, believe it or not. Not sure if we're just tired from how busy week, or if it's the whole autumn thing, but we don't really have anything we need to do, so why not? I'll probably read for a bit, then just happily doze. Sounds like a plan!

We'd thought about getting some errands done today, but neither of us felt like it. I guess we can run errands on Monday. Tomorrow we still plan to drive to the beach -- and maybe get up early enough to go get breakfast on our way! Should be fun.

I only read a couple of my friends here this morning, so hopefully I'll read more later on. (After I get up?) I try to read and comment on a regular basis, but I'm not always that good about it...

It's chilly today and a bit blustery, but clear, blue skies, with no rain! (woo hoo)

Oh!!! I need to take time to get my new cellphone soon, too. I was able to do that as of the end of September, so it's definately time for it. I'm excited about it.

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