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Where Did Today Go?

It's currently past 3:00 p.m. -- and I've no clue where the day went to!

I still want to work in my bike ride, so I need to do that pretty soon...

Yesterday was very productive. I got a bunch of festival work done, plus a bunch of yard work. And I got my bike ride in, which I'm really (really) anxious to do.

This morning sister Sue phoned and asked me to go to Starbucks with her. She paid, which was very generous of her. (She really can't afford it, but I though it was nice that she wanted to go.) She also bought Marilyn mistressmarilyn the latest Barista Bear, dressed up for Halloween. We have quite a collection of these cute little bears, so I thought that was very sweet!

I need to get out our Halloween decos soon. Sue asked me about Halloween, and I told her we had no real plans at this point. But she's welcome to come over, of course. I'm pretty sure we'll get candy and give it out. We've only ever skipped one year in our entire lives (2005)...

In Other News...

My dear friend Donn is closing up his computer shop in St. Johns.

This is quite a blow for me, though I wish him the best with his other plans... He says he'll still try to support his 'special customers' (like me), but it's certainly not going to be very convenient when he no longer has a shop. (sigh)

He's a friend as well as someone I've relied on for computer help, so I'm happy for him and his wife Denise (I spoke to both of them). They're looking at the positive side and feel happy about the change for their lives. The business hasn't been paying off at all for some time, so I really knew in my gut that this could happen at any time.

I actually need to get my computer in to him, hopefully next week. I told him what was going on and he made it clear that I had a serious problem that needs addressing. Plus I've got two computers in the office that also need reformatting (!!!), so hopefully I'll get them all done before he's GONE.

Sister Sue and her daughter Candy will both be out of town this weekend (Nicole will be at her dad's), so I mentioned that we might be able to go by and take care of their cat Saxon for them. He'll only eat soft food now, poor old thing, so it's a hardship if he has to go several days with only dry available. We could simply drop by once each day, which would beat him have nothing for the entire weekend. I've yet to discuss it with Marilyn, though, as she's hard to reach. (No receptionist means it's harder to get in touch with people at work now.) I'm sure she wouldn't mind dropping over there a couple of times over the weekend, but I do need to check with her to be sure!

Sue needs to get me a key to their house, as the one I have is old. I think she should just do that, anyway, so I have the key. She's on her way to cribbage shortly, so will probably wait on the key until tomorrow.

Yesterday I set up my Wi-Fi account for Starbucks. I'm excited to try it out the next time Marilyn and I go there together!

Time to go bike, if I'm going to!
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