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Cold in Here? Yes!

It's 66° in the house this morning.

Okay, it could be worse -- it could be 64° (which it has been on several occasions). But in light of my sore knees, it seems bad enough to me!

Yes, the furnace is on and I'll soon have it warm, thankfully! I'm glad, knowing that I'll have to turn it off during (and after) the oil delivery...

I'd better make sure it's a bit more warm than normal, don't you think?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is off to her early meeting. Happily there's no fog today, unlike yesterday!

She's having lunch with Ellen today, whom I personally haven't seen in several years. (Ellen used to work at the festival, way back when.)

One of Marilyn's current goals is to be more social. She went to lunch with Marcia yesterday, so I'd say she's on her way to meeting that goal.

I could stand to do the same, actually. There are always opportunities to interact with our friends, but we don't always take advantage of these...

It's supposed to be warmer today, so I might be able to get some yard work done. That would be a very good thing, as we haven't really begun to 'winterize' things around here, yet. (Though I did get the pump out of the fountain.)

Yesterday a damn squirrel was out on the deck digging (!!!) in the cushion of our swing! I watched him trying to figure out what he was up to, and he was filling his mouth with piles of seat stuffing! I dashed out and shooed him off, but he took away the whole corner. June and Jim were having the same issue with a cushion at their house, so I have to be sure to tell them about this. (Marilyn said that the squirrel got his training over there and then came over here to repeat the crime!) I suppose it's building a nest somewhere, using the stuff. Squirrels are fluffy-tailed rats, and I'm not a fan. This is just another thing (in a long list) of disgusting behavior that makes me want them out of my yard...

I've got to get the new cushions we just bought put away, before the squirrels get to these, too. We'd be pretty unhappy if they started to tackle the brand new cushions!

Well, I'm off to make a pot of much-needed coffee.

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