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My All-Important Cyber World...

I don't think I discuss it often enough or strongly enough, but for me, the Cyber World is an essential part of my life.

First and foremost are all of my cyber friends -- which certainly includes everyone here at LiveJournal. You are friends in the truest sense of the word, as far as I'm concerned, and I can't imagine life without all of you!

Of course my work as a webmaster means that I'm always tied to browsers and websites -- as does my IT-related work. Plus using Remote Access from work further ties me to cyberspace. I suppose that goes without saying.

LiveJournal has become one of my cyber notepads over the years. I track appointments and purchases and all matter of important things here. For more personal things, like addresses and passwords, I tend to use my Yahoo Mail Notepad, which is a feature automatically included with all Yahoo email accounts, by the way. If you've never tried it, you really should! I can't praise it highly enough. I keep every password from both life and work there, and it's much easier to use than any physical copy I might have.

One of the cool things about the Yahoo Notepad is that whatever you type as the first line is automatically what the file is named. I adore that feature! I wish other softwares had it...

Obviously it's incredible how I've come to rely on the cyber world for research, which can be something as simple as maps and directions to a location, the times of a store or movie, a recipe or the definition of an unfamiliar word to more complicated research, such as how to do some IT-related function, or detailed historical info for a fanfic, etc.

Hey, I literally haven't touched an actual phone book in years! Why would I bother when it's so much easier and quicker to find out a number (etc.) online?

When was my last manicure? When did I have my last mammogram? When did I last take the cats to the vet? It's all here at LiveJournal, and no more difficult to type here than to jot it down somewhere. Paper notes have a way of disappearing on me, but cyber notes are always exactly where I left them! (smile)

I do tend to keep my phone numbers on my cell phone, which is probably a BAD idea. I need to type them up and save them over at Yahoo, with all the important addresses I already track there. Of course, when I finally upgrade my cell phone, I plan to get a phone that can be 'backed up' (or whatever they call it), allowing me to have all my numbers in one safe place. (That's one of the main reasons I want a new phone, by the way!) I'm due to get that phone any day now and am really excited about it...

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to live before computers with internet access! I really do...

(No, I'll skip the trip down memory lane, where I explain what it used to be like. While I'm not sorry I've lived through the times that I have, I don't like to dwell on the past. Notwithstanding my love of history, NOW is what it's all about for me!)

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