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Fall is here in Portland, Oregon. Just for the record! Much of the day was socked in gray and chilly as hell -- but at least no rain! By the time we finally got away from work (around 3:30 p.m.), the sun was out and it was truly lovely -- much nicer than we'd been told it would be.

In fact, we literally got a phone call from Mitch the second we walked through the door at home asking us to go play tennis. We declined, based on my twisted ankle, Marilyn's mistressmarilyn recent bout of the flu and having just come from eight hours straight at work without a break or a bite to eat all day. I understood how Mitch felt when he said it might be one of the last nice days here, but there was no way it was happening for us.

Then we got back in the car and ran errands, believe it or not!

We did finally find a TV that would fit on the shelf in Marilyn's bathroom, which is a very limited space. Originally all we'd been able to find were flat screen TVs, which cost far more than we wanted to spend. Today we checked Target. We were ready to break down and get the $200 (sigh) flat screen -- in fact we'd had the guy go back and bring it out. Then Marilyn found a smaller TV -- not a flat screen -- that was $80 cheaper. So we bought that one, instead.

By the way, we got two bags of popcorn at Target as we were leaving -- and both scarfed those down in the car. Our first food of the day! Popcorn probably never tasted so good...

Although the new TV wasn't that big -- or that heavy (relatively speaking) -- it was 'interesting' for me to bring down the old one and get the new one up on the shelf! It's way up near the ceiling in her bathroom (meaning I had to stand on a step-stool, and this damn right wrist of mine still hurts and is still making it hard to do things. Then I was annoyed that I had to go through the whole lengthy 'setup' process. And we still didn't have cable up and working, hours later!

It turned out to be a loose connection and is now looking very good. It's got a nice picture for such a small TV! So it's all good.

No. This wasn't a repeat of the dishwasher situation. The old TV WAS shot and we actually did need to replace it.

As for work, my job was fairly simple. All I had to do was 'greet' each of the nominees for the festival board and give them some handout materials. Then I made polite chitchat with them until they went in to be interviewed by Marilyn and the Nominating Committee.

Jeff brought in his puppy Moki, too, so I was also the official dog babysitter. I love that dog!!! I took him out for two walks, where he hauled me up and down the street (smile), and never peed even a drop! He's the best-behaved dog I've ever seen, by the way. And he loves people, so tried to go up to every person he saw while we were out. And they loved him!

Amusingly, I was wearing my jeans that have pink embroidery (with some pink sequins) all around the elaborately cutout bottoms -- and I had three different women ask me where I got them. I don't think I've ever worn those jeans (which I bought at Ross) that someone hasn't complimented me on them. They are pretty cool, I admit... (And, no, I've never seen another pair even remotely like them.)

Because I pretty much had to stay near the front desk (to be the greeter), I took the time to do some major maintenance on one of the two computers located there. At some point Smiley Central and another related application ended up on the computer. I wish I could get it across to people just how BAD Smiley Central (and similar things) are. I feel like I waste a lot of breath doing exactly that -- over and over and over again. (sigh)

I also did more maintenance to the festival phone system, after the interviews were over (and while Marilyn was typing up the notes). I have a lot of IT-related maintenance that I need to do, if I can ever find the free time. But I'm pretty well on top of the phones (in every way) now -- and I've got a damn good manual that I've written myself for future use. It's all DOS-based, which makes it interesting to me, having learned computers in DOS years ago...

Well, it's time for bed. I was so dead beat that after we got home and I got the TV hooked up, I had a long nap. I was glad I got up in time to see Saturday Night Live, though...
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