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IT Issues -- and a New Dishwasher

The IT side of my job is often really weird. (Or as I'm always saying, "IT. Gotta love it." Kind of like my IT icon... heh...)

For example, on October 11 (last Saturday) I had to Remote Access as Kristen (who started back at the festival today), so I could change her 'Out of Office' message (at the request of another Staff member). No. I am not kidding.

Happily, Kristen's profile/email had never been deleted, as we still needed access to it, because of her involvement with bands (for parades, etc.). So it was still there and available to be re-activated. Generally, our policy is to delete old profiles -- then if a person returns, we just re-create the profile all over again. (In this case, it means that Kristen will have all her old folders and emails, just in case they might turn out to be helpful to her.)

The recent thing with the phone system was interesting, too. A big part of what I did involved moving heavy equipment around! Wow, glamorous, isn't it? (heh) First I had to move several old computer towers that are out of commission (and were stacked in the way of where I needed to be). Then I had to move the huge console that's the festival phone system. I can't even think of how to describe it, but it's big and on wheels to make it easier to move (easier, but not easy!!!). The Voice Mail unit, which is like a computer tower that lies on it's side, is on top of the bigger unit. Generally there's a keyboard and monitor with it, but I'd already moved those out of the way...

So I had to test the special battery-pack-power-surge-protector. Then test the two units described above. When I'd determined there was still a problem, that's when Accolade got my phone call. But part of my job is simple evaluation of equipment, prior to getting additional assistance. I admit it's often interesting to me, but probably pretty boring to most others.

Today I'm trying to figure out an issue with a new email account I created, via my home office. So first off I needed to make sure I could Remote Access from home into said account. That came up with our 'info@' account recently, too. I had one hell of a time figuring out WHY I couldn't get into the damn thing to give one of our Staff members access to the Inbox of 'info@' while logged in to their own account.

This would be simple to do if I happened to actually be in the festival office. But it was a bear from here at home! Still, I learned another interesting 'how to' fact (that I've filed away in my mind and my IT-related notes), that should prove useful in the future.

I'm also trying to set up one of the email accounts to forward to more than one person at a time. It's not working. (sigh) You'd think that damn book I bought would be some help to me, but I can't think of one single instance where I learned what I wanted to know by reading that book! You know, I almost never say that about any manual, so that's pretty bad. I'll reason it out sooner or later, but clearly no thanks to that book.

On the home front, our new dishwasher was delivered and installed today. I haven't washed a load yet (I'm thinking I'll wait for Marilyn mistressmarilyn to get home from work first), but it certainly looks lovely! (smile)

There was a minor glitch with the whole thing that had me pretty annoyed at the time, but I'm over it. Let's face it, it's never easy to get something new. The word installation should immediately set off warning bells that large doses of chocolate and/or sedatives might be required. (grin)

I was a tad unhappy with Earl for around an hour, but I've let that go, too. We're only human and we make mistakes. I've certainly had my fair share. So what the hell. It's all good. (I left him one kind of irate phone call -- but a second call as an apology. Hopefully I'll actually talk to him tomorrow, so he knows it's all good with us.

For the record, I now know how to knock the 'plug' out of a garbage disposal, so that a dishwasher can drain through it. I had to get on the floor and use a hammer and screwdriver. It took around 15 minutes and wasn't easy with my messed up right wrist, but I did it.

So I started this entry hours ago, and am (finally) finishing it up at near to midnight. (smile) That's been my day!

We had leftover chicken casserole and acorn squash for dinner, so cooking only meant heating food in the microwave. Good deal!

I got the Court pages done today -- I'm just waiting on Kristen to look it all over before going Live with them (hopefully tomorrow). I'm late, as I'd promised October 15, but the Auction and being sick messed that up. Whatever. There's no one else to do this, so they have to wait on me, I'm afraid. I do hate not making the deadline, but things will be there tomorrow, so it's okay.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a hard (hard) day at work today, so I have little to complain about, really. She was bummed they dented the flooring in the kitchen (which I hadn't noticed) -- but is unsure if she wants me to bother reporting it. The were good guys, but I feel bad about those dents, so I don't know what to do...

She wasn't mad at Earl -- but was glad we'd decided to get the install done the way we did. It all worked out for the best. We both feel it was time for the new dishwasher, so it's all good.

We're going to actually head to bed now (shocker!!!), as we have another long day tomorrow. We also have to work on Saturday, because it's nominating interviews. I'm acting as Marilyn's assistant (greeter) for this, as she has no one else this year. (Yes, we're so under-staffed it isn't funny. But I've been her assistant at the festival many, many times before, so it's cool...) We should be done by just after 1:00 p.m., so we're fine about it. Then we always have Monday off to look forward to! (I love this time of year.)

I can hear the new dishwasher quietly running in the kitchen. I'm pretty excited to see how well it works!

Colin Farrell (and Joe Biden) are on Leno tonight -- Marilyn is DVR-ing it.

I'm not bothering to discuss the recent debate, because the 'who won' sounds pretty close. I can only hope people vote smart when the time comes, and leave it at that. I'll never, ever favor hate tactics -- and am surprised by how many of my friends seem fine with that (???) -- so even if I weren't a life-long Democrat, I'd be voting against McCain. I used to respect him, but as I've said before, his behavior during this campaign has appalled me...

Now I've slipped into politics (which I didn't mean to do), so it's decidedly time for bed!

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