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Ouch. I Fell Up the Stairs (sort of).

While I've always been clumsy, this time I can blame it on my pajama pants. They've become too big for me (a good thing). Anyway, they were hanging down and my foot got caught inside, so as I headed upstairs I fell heavily against the wooden banister.

The impact was my right wrist (the outside). I skinned the surface and impacted hard enough to have a lot of initial pain. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had me put an icepack on it afterwards, or I'm sure it would feel far worse today.

I guess I came down on my left knee, too, and wrenched my back a bit. But it could have been worse, I'm sure.

Actually, that wrist hurts enough that I'm thinking I might even go to the doctor with it if it's not better tomorrow. (sigh) I'll avoid it if I can, though -- there's so much stuff that needs to get done.

Plus my sprained ankle (from Auction day, Saturday, October 4) was bothering me quite a bit again today. So now I have it firmly wrapped. I'm sure I didn't re-injure it, though. It just never has healed up yet since the day I twisted it...

Sister Sue took me shopping today, as we needed a ton of things. Marilyn had offered yesterday, but she's had a relapse of her flu (no wonder, after working 12 hours last Friday when she'd been out sick) -- and it wouldn't have been wise for her to be in a car. The rest is TMI, but I'm sure people can reason it out! She's had a fever again and felt pretty lousy, but never dwells on such things. I could barely grapple my grocery cart out of the store. Then if Sue hadn't helped me pack things into the house, I think I would have literally cried. It's just impossible to do things that involve lifting when you've got a bad wrist. (sigh)

In fact, Marilyn is currently taking a shower and washing her hair (it's just past midnight). She has the 'big meeting' early tomorrow morning, regarding all the necessary changes for the festival. So sick or no she has to be there. (Good thing we weren't in Vegas -- it's not much fun to have the flu while you're there...)

I did make chicken casserole for dinner. (I thought of Jessica, but then remembered she's in Vegas right now!) I've been cooking a little bit lately. It's that time of year, when I start cooking more. By the way, if you've never tried it, add just a touch of honey to breakfast sausages while browning them. You won't believe how lovely it makes them! (smile) Or try the same with bacon, which is also lovely.

I plan to fix more acorn squash (we've had it once so far), and to make my homemade butternut squash soup. Sue was excited when I mentioned my curried noodles, which she loves...

It's going to be a great help when I finally have my dishwasher (Thursday can't come soon enough, believe me). I'm trying hard to stay on top of the dishes around here, but heavens... The more I cook, the harder it gets!

I renewed my eye care plan (via online) Sunday, which I've needed to do. And I ordered some contact lenses, which I'm almost out of (I wear disposable). So the dishwasher isn't the only thing I've managed to buy. (smile)

Ouch. My wrist hurts. My knee is throbbing. Brother. As long as I keep my ankle up (like now), it's not too bad. Let's face it, I'm a mess.

Well, we're going to have coffee and ice cream before heading to bed. Early day tomorrow! We had some spicy food earlier, so the ice cream should settle things down nicely. (grin)

I did get the pump out of our fountain (not all that easy), so now I need to empty out the water and get it covered up for the winter. I have one plant that needs to come indoors somewhere (???), and I need to cover furniture and whatnot. (Assuming the weather will hold for me to do it.)

I dashed briefly to June and Jim's house, and when I came home it was 'spitting' outside. (sigh)

We've been running the furnace quite a bit, as it's been chilly. It seems very early to me.

Randomly (duh), I wish I knew CSS better than I do. It's not that I don't get it pretty well, but it's so hard to work with style sheets made by others (which I always seem to be doing, by the way). Well, I've got my beloved book, so I'll keep at it.

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