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New Dishwasher!

Happily, the new dishwasher arrives this coming Thursday. We've been without a dishwasher -- except for ME, that is (heh) -- for quite a while now.

Okay, it went out on September 23 (as reported HERE), so that's three weeks tomorrow. It seems longer to me! I'm out of practice hand washing my dishes, I guess. When I think back to most of my life when I just did that as a matter of course, I'm rather surprised. Think of all the time I could have spent watching TV, reading a book or otherwise goofing off (smile), that I instead spent on doing dishes! (No, I don't kid myself that I'd have been out somewhere trying to cure cancer or something else meaningful. I'd have said I would have been playing online, but most of the years in question didn't include that option.) We never had a dishwasher before moving in this house (in 1994), and didn't miss it. But you can't miss what you never had, after all!

Now I've also got a garbage disposal, which I never had before this. So I'm getting more spoiled, not less! I wonder what Mom and Aunt Dorothy would have thought if they'd ever had these two appliances? Or Grandma Elsie? We tend to forget just how good we've got it, if we don't remind ourselves.

For that matter, I went online to find the exact model I wanted (that would fit my rather non-standard size, that is) -- and then ordered it by phone, without ever leaving my home office! Talk about spoiled...

Here 'tis:

Hotpoint dishwasher
It's a Hotpoint dishwasher, in black (as you can see).

The color didn't much matter to me (choices are usually white, black and stainless), but the SIZE certainly did (as it has to fit the space). I'm sure black will be okay. The current one is almond-colored, matching the fridge, stove, counter tops and walls. But I don't know that they even do custom colors like that these days...

It was far more $$$ than I'd originally hoped, but you do what you have to do.

Now I need to go and order OIL for the furnace, so let's talk about $$$, shall we? (yikes)

Good thing we didn't take that (expensive) Las Vegas trip!!!
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