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Vegas, Baby! (But Not For Us This Time.)

I hope the whole gang has a GREAT time while in Las Vegas for Carol's birthday! Bye, guys! Have a blast!!!

I'm sorry we (Marilyn and I) can't go (sigh), but with $$$ the way it is -- and so many things we need to buy right now (including a new dishwasher, TV and heating oil, to name a few) -- it's for the best.

I did manage to CANCEL the hotel today (!!!), so we didn't have an issue with potentially being expected to pay it, there or not. We hunted and hunted for the confirmation info, but never did find it. Anyway, that's done now.

Today was Jessica's last day at the festival office. She'll be missed!

I figure we'll still see a TON of her, whether we work with her or not, so I'm not letting myself be bummed out. I hope she finds a PERFECT job and is really happy with whatever happens in the future. (She belongs in Special Events -- I've always believed that. So I do believe the right job will come along...)

(Intern) Amy is officially moving away today. Amy's last day was this past Wednesday. I hope she keeps her promise and stays in touch...

Yes, I do feel better today, thankfully.

I'm looking forward to a QUIET weekend (!!!), with no obligations away from home. (We have a lot we need to do around here, however. But that's going to depend on how we're feeling, I guess, having both been sick this week. Maybe we just need to have a lazy weekend...)

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