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Still Sick -- Plus A Record! (of a sort)

Yeah, I'm still sick. Not as bad as yesterday (TMI), but I spent most of the day in bed. Hell, considering I worked more than half the day Wednesday (yesterday), I guess in some ways I'm worse off. (heh) It's all about how you look at things, I guess.

As for the RECORD! (grin)

I did the garbage and recycling in 20 minutes flat last night. I believe that's my personal best!

It just shows how motivated you can be to get something done and over with when you don't feel well, really.

In Other News . . .

I've been working on my LiveJournal tags again.

For any of you who don't know, I've been struggling with the tags here ever since they changed the limit (which was back at the end of November, 2007). At one point in time I was up to almost 2,000 tags (!!!), so when it was cut to 1,000, I had a serious issue on my hands.

Those interested can read my various entries about LJ tags HERE.

So, here are some TAG stats for my blog:

Nov 2007: 1,980+
Dec 2007:  950+
Jul 2008:  873
Oct 2008:  900

(I have six entries that I know of -- that are TAGGED, anyway -- that deal with tags... heh...)

It's clearly not great that I'm now up to 900, considering I was under 880 back in July. (sigh) But to tell the truth (grin), I had to cut quite a few tags to make that the current number!

Part of it is that I've been going back and tagging entries from years ago that never had tags. So just adding the DATE tags I like to use takes up tag space. I am trying to force myself to dump really random or repetitive tags, though.

Some of the problem comes from not being able to remember what a tag is named -- so I GUESS, which is a bad idea. (sigh) I wish I could think of an easy way to keep track of my various tags, but so far all my ideas have been a pain. When you post to LJ from more than one computer, there doesn't seem to be an easy method for this...

Well, my goal is to continue to manage my tags well enough that I'll stay well below the limit (which for Permanent Accounts is 1,200). I'm doing just fine with that goal!
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