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Tired. Icky Feeling. Ugh.

First of all, this time of year is just 'low' for me, physically. I feel exhausted from doing nothing -- and super exhausted when I do anything really physical (like over the weekend/last Friday for the Auction).

Yes! We did survive another Auction! Hurray. It's work, but it went super this year and it's over 'til next year! (smile) Happy dance.

Belated Happy Birthday to Kevin kevinr and Peter greyday! Sorry I missed them here before!

So, tired aside, I'm trying not to get sick again. (I had flu/whatever something like three times last year in the autumn/early winter period!!!) Just did that a while back and don't need it again...

But (ugh) I have a sore throat.

Went to the dentist today and had a cavity filled. Next time around I'll get two more cavities done and have my teeth cleaned. That will be a long session of nearly an hour...

I actually love my dentist (Dr. Mary -- or just Mary) to pieces. We call her the dentist in blue jeans, as she almost always wears jeans!

She's a lovely, lovely person. Takes a lot of low income patients at cut rates because they can't afford dentistry otherwise. (She knows my 'no insurance' situation, so gives me quite a discount, too!)

She has some rough times making ends meet, but is always smiling.

Her work? Excellent. And she strives for pain and discomfort-free dentistry. More than I need, actually. I prefer to be less numb and potentially have some pain. I used to have a dentist with the motto that 'a little pain was good for you.' I recall one time where he had me in agony because I simply wasn't deadened enough. (grin)

I used to faint at the dentist. Okay, admittedly I've been a fainter my entire life. (Less so in recent years, thankfully.) I had issues from some childhood abuse by a pediatric dentist -- and a tremendous fear of needles (that came from my hospitalization as a six year old when both arms were black and blue from wrist to shoulder from shots -- and so were both of my buttocks from the days when kids got shots in the butt).

I'm over both now and can't even remember what that fear was like. Yes, an adult can overcome long-time (even life-time) fears, if they try hard enough!

Mary even fixes the work of other (less competent) dentists -- so we're not talking cut-rate work when it comes to quality!

I had insurance for a while a couple years back and was in there almost weekly while we took care of years and years of neglect caused by no ability to pay...

Marilyn (my sister mistressmarilyn) and I probably spend more time each day on dental hygiene that anyone else I know. We brush frequently (I've always kept a toothbrush with me at work, etc.) and floss every day. We're fantatics about gum care, as you usually lose teeth due to bad gums...

Anyway, I recommend Mary to everyone. I've been to some very 'hot shot' and expensive dentists downtown -- and their work was no better than her work. Plus who needs their attitude?
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