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Yes, both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have actually been sick since last week (prior to load in and the actual Auction).

We both spent much of Monday in bed, as a matter of fact.

But she had meetings yesterday (including an early morning meeting), and I had the IT-related issues with our phones system. So we were at work yesterday and today...

That is, we were at work today until...

The following is TMI -- You Have Been Warned!!!

We were at work until after lunch. Then we came back to the office to work. Salim was there to work on the phones, and we both had more than enough to do.

Then we both got the runs!

Actually, I was running at both ends, holding Kleenex up to my running nose while sitting on the toilet. I tried to get up three times and couldn't.

When I finally came out of the bathroom and went into the hall, intending to climb the stairs to Marilyn's office, she was coming out her doorway with her jacket on and bag in hand, pale as a sheet. She'd been in the other bathroom, going through the same damn thing! (yikes)

We didn't eat anything in common last night or today, so it's got to be the flu, which is probably what Sara has been home sick with. (Sara didn't seem all that good today, either.)

Anyway, we're now home. I've already been 'in there' yet again. (sigh) Now I think I'll go and lie down.

Yeah. I've felt better. And while I can work even when I'm sick, it's pretty nice to be at home and able to rest in my own bed.

(I'll do the garbage and recycling later...)

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