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IT Management? You Gotta Love It. (Or Hate It...)

I originally started this earlier today (before noon), but I never had a chance to finish it up. So I decided to re-post it with the correct time that I finished it up...

The festival phones were down yesterday. So even though I was home, sick in bed (on a day off, mind you), I had to deal with calls about it.

Of course I did -- I'm the IT Manager, after all! What were people supposed to do?

Unfortunately, Jessica was called, too -- which shouldn't have happened. She's no longer an employee, so why in hell was she being disturbed on HER day off?

I got to work around 7:30 a.m. today and immediately went to check out the phone system, which was much worse than I expected. Cool thing? The message I'd received when I phoned about it was that I'd hear from someone within half an hour. The call reached me literally at 8:06 a.m., which I call amazing!

A tech from Accolade (the same man who has been out in the past, by the way) was in the building by 9:30 a.m., and left right before our Staff Meeting at 10:00.

What's down is the Voice Mail unit -- which is a pain in an office where we no longer have a full-time receptionist (it used to be Jodi). Salim (the tech) set the two front desk phones (reception area/lobby) to ring directly -- but even if someone is up there answering the phones, they can't put people into voice mail, because it doesn't exist right now (duh). This is a pain, obviously, because if a festival employee is on a call, then there's no place to drop a caller and their message...

Yes, yes. We're very reliant on our technology -- but with such a small staff, it's more and more necessary!

The cost in $$$ might be quite high (I still don't know how the exact cost), but what can we do? We have to have our phones, after all.

This is just the most recent of my IT-related woes. Saturday was an IT nightmare!

Kent (our usual tech) was out sick, so he sent his backup guy, David. I'm sure David's intentions were good, but I was dismayed by how slowly he did the work -- and by the various issues that came up.

Plus, at one point he asked me for a password -- and when I moved to get a pen and paper, I tripped over a cord and sprained my right ankle. (sigh) He jumped right up to fix that, but it was too late for (limping) me... I probably don't need to say how annoying this was. Thankfully it doesn't hurt every second, or I'd be in a serious world of hurt, running up and downstairs between my desk and the IT Room.

We had another power outage during the Auction this year (big sigh), in spite of all the efforts to avoid a repeat problem.

We also had one bitch of a time getting the actual Auction software (AuctionPay -- which is an incredible application) to run on the four computers (!!!). That made me CRAZY, considering I had installed it on the four computers two weeks in advance, then tested every single one. One of my (very annoying) tasks was to have to dash to the office to get the CD (which we never bother bringing on site because we've never needed it before this).

I'm not going into detail about all the running around I had to do (on IT errands) -- or how misunderstood this WORK was by a friend (not sure if we're still talking a friend, in all honesty). Plus I was on phone calls with both David (on site tech) and Kent (sick tech) and others during this time. Apparently my friend tried to phone me, too, but let's face it -- work comes first when you're only hours out from an event. That's special events. Well, I'm used to people outside the events world not getting it, but this friend is someone I thought understood how it goes... (sigh) You live, you learn.

None of this is made easier by being sick. Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been fighting a cold for days, and by Friday I wasn't feeling well, either. But you show up and do your thing, sick or not, because that's special events, too.

I also won't go into detail about how strongly I feel about people who make a commitment to do volunteer work and then don't show up, because this subject makes me crazy. I take my own volunteer work very seriously, and I guess I expect others to do the same. When someone offers to do a job and doesn't show, then others have to pick up the slack. (And when that someone has a vehicle that's carrying items and the car isn't there, then you have to figure out how to move things some other way. Not pretty.) I know that many people don't think volunteering is all that big a deal, but I certainly do. And without reliable volunteers, we couldn't begin to put on the festival! (It takes literally thousands of people who are willing to work as volunteers.) Short of being in the hospital, I see few valid reasons for not being there. Thankfully that's not just me, by the way.

On the webmaster side, I have some major deadlines I need to make, including all those Court pages I've been working on recently. We'll see how that goes.

I was also consulted about the store website, so I asked Lilia to get me the FTP info so I can check it out for her. She might be able to arrange some kind of savings, but it would help me to see the actual pages that are there...

Well, in light of the power surge at the Auction, I need to test all four of the computers that went on site. I also need to set up for Kristen to come back (I started that today) -- then get ready next week for the other two 'new' employees (once they've been approved, that is). There's certainly plenty to do!

Just in case our part for our Voice Mail comes in tomorrow, I'll be going to work Wednesday. And if it doesn't come in tomorrow, then I'll need to go in on Thursday, too. I really feel I need to be there when things go back to 'normal' again.

I'm continuing my on-going work on my IT Manual for the office, which includes a manual for our phone system. Salim told me several useful things today, so I immediately starting typing them up. I want to get Kent in to do more of the same -- especially before I'll need to train the person who will be my IT backup (in November). There's so much to do. I could work full time and then some!

Oh! I can't wait to work with ClubRunner, when time allows. I'm really excited about it!

Finally, after work today we went to Carol's house for an unofficial post-Auction party. It was nice of her (and Brian and Aisha) to host us! Carol had homemade soup and many snacks, plus some beer that was donated for the Auction, but not used up. Driving home again in the dark was 'interesting,' but we made it just fine.

Both Marilyn and I are sneezing and coughing. (sigh) Could we please be well now???

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