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Navratri at Madhu's House

The festival's Staff Account, Madhuramba (we all call her Madhu -- pronounced ma-Doo), invited us to her home to celebrate Navratri (you can read about it at THIS WEBSITE, if you're interested). Today was the fifth day of a nine-day festival.

They (she and her husband) live in an area that has a NW Portland address, but was actually way out (beyond the Oak Hills neighborhood, closer to West Union). We had quite a time following the directions (Google maps had one turn completely wrong), but we finally found it. In fact, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were the first Staff members to arrive. (The invitation was for 5:00 p.m., and we were there just at five!)

We got to see their prayer room (upstairs) -- and the display of dolls on five steps. Then we had traditional food and discussed the Hindu religion with Madhu's brilliant husband -- and also watched a CD that talked about the 'Lost Temples' of India. We were there until close to 8:30.

Several people showed up, including Amy (arrived almost at the same time we did), Jessica, Carol (and her husband Brian and daughter, Aisha) and Lilia. (Sara had plans, Jodi couldn't make and Rich had told us he had another engagement. I don't know about the others -- like Jeff -- who didn't answer the eInvite.)

I love the fact that they invited us into their home and then shared a TON about their culture and this festival with us. At the end the women were presented with gifts (this is a Goddess festival that focuses on women), and Madhu gave me a ring box, mentioning my love of rings. (smile)

Hopefully I'll get one of the photos taken of all of us to share at some point. I didn't take any pictures myself, I'm afraid...

We're now headed for a much-needed nap (!!!). It's been a busy, busy week.

I'll talk about Friday (event load-in) and Saturday (preparation and the actual Auction) soon. The event was a success (whether we made budget or not) -- and we were praised for our PowerPoint repeatedly.

Marilyn gave an amazing speech -- I was very, very proud of her. (She's simply a great speaker at any time, but give her a topic she's passionate about and she really, really ROCKS it.)

(I have to say that I feel really sorry for family and friends who missed hearing her speak...)

Anyway, more about all of that soon! Nap time! (I'm still fighting a bug, and running around barefoot at Madhu's probably didn't help...)

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