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Busy. (At the Office Today.)

I've done the festival website changes that needed to be done, so that's a good thing.

I have all those Court pages to finish, though. But I'll need to wait on Leslie for some of it, related to the (new) FAQ we've been creating.

As a matter of fact, Marilyn mistressmarilyn is currently in a Court meeting with Leslie, Meredith, Diane and Kristen (!!!). So I got some Court-related things I needed from Leslie before she went into the meeting.

Kristen doesn't actually start back here at the festival until mid-October, though. But she's here for the meeting and will be working on Saturday (for the Auction), too -- which is fantastic! (I'm very excited that she's back. Which just shows that you never know! She was one of the people who lost her job last year -- and now here she is, back again.)

Sunday we went to Jodi and Rich's house for their party. Tom went with us (he drove), which was cool. I had a weird accident while there. We sat in some chairs and Tom's was wobbly (seriously so) -- so I switched with him. Later on the chair collapsed (long story as to how), and I went down to the ground. Nothing serious, though my hip wasn't too thrilled. (smile) Anyway, the accident didn't take away from having a GOOD time. And I really love their house (and yard). It's lovely -- and perfect for the two of them.

Anyway, getting back to now (and work), one of my tasks was to check out the new traveling printers that Sara arranged to get for the festival. At first I had a hard time getting the one to work, but I finally managed to have both of them up and running just fine. (There was a minor problem that's too complicated to bother to explain. Anyway, it's fine now!) Sara did a great job. Those babies print so damn fast! And she got BOTH of them for $120. We still need to get a printer cable (happily, I had one of my own from home that we can use for one of them) and some more toner cartridges, but they'll still be an amazing bargain. Good deal!

I've got tons of IT-related boxes packed up and ready to go -- plus all four of the computers sitting in places where we can easily find them to move them out. Which did mean moving some heavy towers around today (sigh), but that's okay. Luckily Tom will be moving them on Friday and Saturday, so I won't have to deal with that.

(Have I mentioned recently how much I love Tom???)

Sister Sue had a tooth pulled today and it didn't go all that well. It sounds like she's a mess, poor thing. At least Dr. Mary didn't have to cut the bone! But she split Sue's lip and had to dig like mad to get the tooth out. So Sue's going to be pretty swollen for her clown stint at the Auction. (I'd actually feel fine if she didn't manage to come, considering!)

My friend June left me a message that she and hubby Jim are back, which is good news. But Jim's foot is awful, which is bad news. They basically got off the train, came home and then went DIRECTLY to a doctor's appointment. (June said she was looking forward to a shower, but she felt they couldn't afford to wait. Yikes. I'm worried about him!)

Marilyn bought me macaroni and cheese for lunch. Isn't that lovely? And I've been eating raw zucchini, which I like.

I saw a fascinating piece on how everyone seems to be both buying and eating 'comfort foods' right now. Apparently fatty foods actually help reduce stress (!!!) -- and Campbell soup stock went up the day that everything else was crashing. Interesting, isn't it?

The bad news is that I'm out of Starbucks again. (sigh)

I almost forgot to mention that we played our PowerPoint presentation for the Auction appeal for everyone here and they were all very pleased by it. The reactions they displayed were exactly what we hoped for, so it's all good! By the way, I keep telling Marilyn that IFEA needs to make a new category for PowerPoints, because I really believe we'd be getting Gold, hands down. (heh)

Well, it's headed toward 6:30 and that meeting is still going on. (sigh) I'm tired and need a nap. But I guess I'll get back to work. There's always work to do, after all!

But you know what? Work is a good thing. I like working! We (Marilyn and I) talk about this subject a lot -- that we feel sorry for people who don't work. (Unfortunately, we seem to know several people who don't...)

There's really nothing positive about having too much free time on your hands. Working makes people feel good to be contributing something to the world -- and it raises self-esteem.

Seriously, it's not that hard to manage for many who aren't working, because there's always a lot of volunteering around, if they'll only take the time and effort to look for it. I have a couple of friends who certainly have the time, if they'd only let themselves give it a try. But I guess it's hard for many to go outside their comfort zones of staying at home... I remember encouraging this one friend many, many times to get a volunteer position, because she spends far too much time all alone at home. But even when I offered to help personally teach her some computer skills (for free), and help her find something she enjoyed doing, she just wouldn't budge. She's very unhappy with her life, but she doesn't seem to get that having work to do would change that...

Hopefully the meeting will end in a bit and we'll head home. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately (who, me?), so I'd love that nap I mentioned. And Marilyn doesn't feel well (and hasn't for a couple days), so it would be nice if she could lie down. I didn't give her much chance yesterday, what with working on the PowerPoint!

Well, back to work. (And, yeah, I'm happy to remind myself how lucky I am to have truly rewarding work to do.)

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