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Holiday Tradition! (Thanksgiving, that is)

Well, fortunately enough, we're going to have one of our holiday traditions today...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is getting off work early (half a day) so we can take our drive and go to one of our fave restaurants and have a late lunch there. We usually always do that during Thanksgiving week, but normally Marilyn takes off the entire week.

This year she's not doing that -- as she'll have to take off time to care for me after my surgery. (sigh) (I feel a little guilty about that -- but less so now that we're getting to take our drive!)

Loved Nick Carter on "The View" yesterday. Only Nick could go on national TV and tell everyone that Prince William Windsor asked him to dance. And then he even repeated it -- just so there was no mistake. (grin) We get it Nick. The Prince is hot for you...

And he's so busy trying to 'explain' why William came over to him in the first place -- and then why he asked him to dance. Catch a clue, Nick! If you didn't say those things in the first place... (Oh, don't get me wrong here! I'm delighted he did.)

Yeah. As MM and I've been saying forever. The world is just so slashy!

I seem to be recovered from my small bout of the flu. It seems to be going around like crazy. (Our friend Ligaya had it, too.)

For that matter, April was sick with something. Yeah, yeah -- cats can't get the flu from people. Right. But why do they seem to either be sick before we are -- or get sick when we've been sick? What's that about?

Deb debrajoy got the clothes. I'm dying to see pics of baby Joey in that little jacket! It was just so cute. And Marilyn and Joey and I were sure he must need it. (Probably not as much as we needed to buy the sweet little thing.) And those little overalls that Joey got him? Adorable! They make such cute clothes for little ones these days.

Marilyn and I have planned out our Thanksgiving. We'll pick up some of that honey-smoked turkey from Honey Baked Ham. (There's one by her office.) We've already bought one of those ready-made trays of cheeses and meat, and a small pumpkin pie. Then we're going to lounge around and play on the computer and watch TV (NICK!) and later go to the show.

We'll be seeing the new "Harry Potter" movie. (We almost went this past weekend, but we really wanted to save that for Thanksgiving.)

Hopefully Joey will join us! And it would be lovely if Leo and Johnny could drop by, too. But even if it's just the two of us and the cats, we'll have a lovely day.

We really don't like so-called 'family celebrations' -- after years of horrible experiences. (grin) Some of our best holidays have included going to a movie or to the track to run! We make our own traditions.

We normally get our flu shots the day after Thanksgiving, to give us the weekend for the discomfort we sometimes experience. I don't know how that will work out this year. Last year my clinic didn't get them in for most people by then. (Only seniors and 'at risk' people.) I feel I'm certainly recovered enough to get the shot -- if we can find some place. (That's another important tradition!)

Marilyn has to work Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is one of the 'holidays' her office lost -- as is Christmas Eve, unfortunately. But I'm going in to the office with her -- so hopefully we'll have some fun, even so!

Happy holidays to those who are celebrating this week!

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