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Damn, I'm Good! (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have started work on the PowerPoint presentation for the Auction appeal.

Let's just say there aren't many people around making PowerPoints like this one.

No, that's not at all humble of me, but it's the truth, even so! I'd been worried that we weren't going to match the impact of last year's presentation, but I think we'll blow everyone's socks off, frankly. It doesn't hurt at all that we're featuring the parade (!!!), of course. But the new 'carnival-style' background, the fading from black and white to color effects and the rose animations? They're wonderful. (smile)

It all suddenly started to come to me the night before last. As Marilyn says, you need inspiration to do this sort of work. I think it's an art form -- sort of like making a movie. Marilyn is my Producer/Director -- and I'm a cross between the set designer and the performers (actors), I guess. (grin)

We're such a good TEAM when it comes to making these things!

Well, I've got to stop messing with it for now and go get ready to go to Rich and Jodi's party, which is this afternoon. I'd love to stick with it, truth to tell -- but I wouldn't miss going to the party for the world. It's just a busy, busy time right now!!! It's hard to leave off work when you're on a roll...

Tuesday we'll really put in a full day (and maybe night) on this -- and pretty much get it under control. We think we've got a minimum of 20-25 hours for construction, then another 8-10 hours for the timing, which is necessary when you set it to music.

Gotta dash for now! I imagine my blogging will suffer during the next week. At least I feel pretty prepared on the IT-side of the Auction! (Go, me.)

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