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Another Busy Day (Work and Trip to Salem)

Yes, it was another busy day!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had her appointment to get her hair done this morning, so I had her drop me by the office on the way.

There was a guy there to clean the outside of the building. What a mess! I'm sure he thought he could get it done on a day when nobody was around -- but considering we're only days away from a major event, that was a poor assumption. Amy was there when I arrived, and then Carol came in with Jessica. He was power spraying the breezeway when I arrived and I got wet from the hose/gun and from all the crap dripping down from over my head. (ugh) Later when I was fixing my hair and putting on some makeup in the bathroom, I found paint chips in my hair and on my clothes... (sigh)

I started doing some work on the PowerPoint presentation today. We're actually about a week behind on it -- but both Marilyn and I work really well under pressure, so I'm not concerned. I'll start plugging away and I feel it will roll along just fine.

Unfortunately, the PowerPoint on my work computer kept crashing. That makes it pretty near to impossible to make a PowerPoint presentation, I'm afraid!

My poor damn computer!

There's no time right now, but the plan is still to upgrade to MS Office 2007 prior to the new fiscal year. (The festival's fiscal year starts on November 1 each year.) I haven't had time yet to push this plan, but I've got another month to get it done. If not, we'll roll it back into the next fiscal year, I guess. My research shows that the issues with some of the computers will most likely be resolved by the upgrade to Office 2007. There are some 'bugs' in both Office 2000 and Office 2003 that Microsoft didn't bother fixing. (I think I discussed this before during one of my 'I Hate Microsoft' rants. I was pretty stunned when I discovered that the only way around the issues with some of our computers was to upgrade to Office 2007!) Anyway, we've been using Office 2000 for ages, except for the office-wide use of Outlook 2003. So it's certainly time to upgrade, anyway! (After all, we're heading into the end of 2008...)

When Marilyn got back from her hair appointment, we headed out to Salem. We stopped briefly on the way to get Starbucks and did a tiny bit of shopping (Marilyn got some new shoes). While shopping, Tom called -- and I'm happy to report he's feeling better today! It looks like he'll feel up to going with us to Rich and Jodi's house tomorrow, which is a very good thing.

We managed to follow the driving directions with no problem and arrive at the library in Salem just in time to see the festival's Living History performers (David and Mary), Mayor Harry and Georgie, audition for the 2008 Oregon Library Performer's Showcase. (Every two years performers appear to audition to be on the list of resources for libraries throughout the state. The performers each have five minutes, timed, to show what they'll do if hired to appear at a library.) We got there just in time, as David (Mayor Harry) was being announced just as we entered the auditorium! Yes, timing is everything!

Besides seeing David and Mary do their thing, we also got to see Angel do his clowning thing. (smile) And we saw several other performers audition, too. What an interesting program! I was fascinated by the variety of performers and just how many talented people there are in this state.

The drive to and from Salem was lovely, considering the nice weather! I'm happy for Rich and Jodi that they'll end up with a sunny day for their event tomorrow.

But I'm bummed that it's supposed to rain next Friday (for setup) and Saturday (the Auction). You'd think we could luck out and get some nice weather, wouldn't you? (sigh) But I'm not ready to borrow trouble yet. Who knows? Things could suddenly improve, after all!

We were really tired when we got back. We went next door and took care of the cats -- and spent some time with Cleo -- then we came home and both had long naps!

What a difference a nap can make.

I'm excited to tackle the PowerPoint -- and I did come up with some things today that should be fun. These PowerPoints are a collaborative effort -- and Marilyn and I make a perfect team. It really lets us be creative, so though it's work, it's also enjoyable. (I wonder what my now-deceased art teacher Gertrude would think about projects like this and the eNewsletter? Who would have guessed about all these new methods of artistic expression?)

Well, I think I'll go and try a few things. I need to get the music ready, but that can wait until tomorrow. Right now I just want to see how the one effect I'm going to use turns out... (grin)


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