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Work in the Office Today -- And "The Dark Knight" Tonight

It was a VERY busy day at the office today!

I got the auction software installed on all four of the computers we're going to take to the venue this year. And I got all the other equipment ready and piled near the door of the IT Room. It should go really smooth. I'm glad we're not going to use any equipment that actually belongs to a Staff person (considering the issues last year). And I'm pleased that we're getting 'traveling' printers to take there, in place of moving the very valuable and heavy printers from the office.

I had my meeting with Leslie (which part of the time included Meredith) concerning the new Court pages for the website. We have a few additions and tweaks to make, but Leslie was very pleased by the work and said it was as if I'd taken the actual ideas out of her head and put them up at the site.

Cousin Linda dropped by (very briefly) to get her birthday card and gifts. Hopefully she was pleased by them...

I got my hair cut by Dorine, who I hadn't seen since May.

I set up Amy's computer for Remote Access -- and found the computer setting that was blocking my own Remote Access.

Actually, I've become something of an 'expert' about the whole Remote Access thing. I've no clue how my own computer suddenly got blocked (I've had to Remote to Jenny's computer this past week) -- but due to an article I'd read a couple days ago, I was able to find where the 'hidden' setting was to change it. It was cool to come home and discover it had WORKED, and I was back to using my own office computer for Remoting...

The funny thing was that the article I'd read wasn't even about Remote Access, so it's interesting that I ended up trying it to 'fix' the problem.

We had some weird IT-related stuff going on today, but it's cool. I'm continuing to learn more and more, so hopefully I'll figure out why the odd stuff happened. It's okay. Shit happens, as Marilyn mistressmarilyn pointed out.

I've got some exciting ideas for the PowerPoint presentation we'll be doing for the Auction Appeal! I can't wait to try them. I've hauled home a (huge) photo book from work (no, not the 2008 book, which must stay in the office), to gack some photos from over the weekend.

Leslie gave me a Court photo CD today -- and Meredith let me DL some photos directly from her laptop to a jump. That's good!

Tom is sick. I don't know in what way (we didn't talk -- but he texted me). Both Marilyn and I are worried, though. He still had to work, which made Marilyn nuts. She wondered why he couldn't just call in sick. Good question!

We're hoping he'll feel better soon, as we want him to go with us Sunday to Rich and Jodi's party...

Jessica hurt her ankle today. She was bringing a box over from storage and fell down. The ankle is wrapped and she's on crutches, so hopefully she'll be better soon. The ground is very uneven there. I've tripped more than once myself going back and forth...

Paul continues to come in at noon to work as a volunteer in the office. He's been covering the front desk, answering phones and doing other work. What a huge help! (We all love Paul.)

Several Auction folks were in doing baskets today, including Arthur, Faye, Meredith and Leslie. Amy and Carol were busting their asses (as always), too.

Jodi came by today! She started her new job yesterday. She'd cut her hair off and it was darling! Very youthful looking.

Sister Sue is at a local cribbage tournament starting today and running over the weekend.

June phoned while Marilyn and I were next door tending to the cats. She and Jim seem to be having a lovely time.

Marilyn and I went to see "The Dark Knight" again tonight. I love it more every single time I see it! Heath Ledger really deserves the Academy Award for his work. But there's great acting all through that film. I could go on and on, but it's bedtime, so I'll force myself not to.

But I will mention that this time around I was very much struck by how HOT Jim Gordon is... (smile) Obviously I find Bruce Wayne and The Batman very hot -- and I also think Harvey Dent is hot. But there are many hot characters in that movie -- and much slashy goodness going on. (grin)

I wouldn't mind dreaming about Gordon tonight... (heh)

Sweet dreams, all!

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