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Cat Sitting Update

Cleopatra (who is rarely ever called that) is June and Jim's INDOOR cat. Cleo (which is what I call her for short) adores me. She always has. So it's perfect for me to be the one to look after her while they're away.

(No matter how inconvenient that's been at times... smile...)

I was taking care of her on the night before our parade, as well as the day of the parade (as I mentioned HERE).

Anyway, Cleo's 'Mommy and Daddy' left on the train on Monday, so I've been taking care of her for three days, so far. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I will be taking care of her until October 1.

S E P T E M B E R    2 0 0 8

Aside from Cleopatra, we also are taking care of June and Jim's OUTDOOR cats, Molly, Maggie and Moe (not sure if that's how they spell Moe's name or not).

I spent several hours over at June and Jim's house today -- and a couple of hours holding Cleo on my lap. She's not at all used to having her 'parents' gone -- normally at least one of them would be home. They're both retired and spend a lot of time at home (good for them), so she's used to that, of course.

I'm probably a poor replacement, at best, but she does like me -- and I like her, too. She's a sweet cat. I got her to play last night with a rattle mouse (small, fur-covered mouse that rattles), which was as cute as a can be!

In Other News...

Earl did more work today. He did the second layer of 'mud' for the drywall. Then later primed the two doors. He does such quality work. It's ridiculous that he doesn't have a regular job -- and one that pays him for his obvious skill. (sigh)

Marilyn had six meetings today. Very intense meetings (like festival time, she told me). Poor thing. It's hard to believe it can be this busy in September (yet again).

No, we haven't yet started the Auction PowerPoint for the Appeal. We have picked the song, though -- so that's something! I'm excited about starting to select photos to use, too. We both work well under pressure, so I'm sure it's going to be another awesome production (like last year).

I'm getting close to done on the new Court pages for the website. I'm meeting with Leslie on Friday to show her what I've created -- and to get more info to include. It's one hell of a lot of new pages I've had to code, but I'm sure I'll be happy with the end result when I get them done. And hopefully others will be pleased, too! (smile)

Rich is back in the office for the Auction, which is always cool by me!

Jodi got hired for a new job. I'm really happy for her (but sorry for the festival and us).

Jodi and Rich are having an Open House BBQ Social at their house this weekend (on Sunday, September 28). I can't wait to see their new home!

I have slews of IT-related work I need to tackle. I'm going in to the office on Friday to do that (and meet with Leslie, as mentioned above). I'm also taking time out to get my hair cut (which I mentioned in a previous entry). I haven't seen my hairdresser Dorine since May! (I did get a trim from another hairdresser, but I need a real cut pretty bad.)

Tom and I are putting off the trip to shop for his suit for the Auction until next week. It's just impossible to work in this week, frankly. He has Phillip's game tomorrow, and he likes to be supportive and attend (which I think is very cool). Tom's a great dad...

I need a nap really bad, so that's it for now!

The cool news? I'm already done with the garbage and recycling for this week -- I was done by 6:00 p.m. (it must be a record of some sort). And I had to do some stuff at Jim and June's, too, so it was even more work than normal. Well, go me!!! (heh)
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