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Earl is Amazing... (Update on House Projects)

Earl was here again working today. He got the door in the hallway (furnace access) hung. (He custom cut it to fit) And he got the vent in it, too. He also created and hung the filter access door (in Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bedroom). And finished up the drywall and did a first coat of mud. Tomorrow he'll sand that and do the second coat.

We've had a hole in the wall in Marilyn's bedroom since we moved in. Way back when, I'd found an unpainted louvered door that would almost (but not quite) cover it. I painted it and managed to get it to stay where we needed it, even though I never installed it correctly. I'd put white tape on the wall on either side, because the door wasn't quite wide enough... (sigh) It's incredible not to have that hole now -- or the ugly louvered door! What a change. I can't wait until the room is painted -- and we've hung a picture of some sort (poster or whatever) over the small door that's there to access the furnace filters.

First thing this morning I had to empty one of my kitchen cabinets, full of casserole dishes, bowls, a whole shelf of mugs and more. It was literally coming down off the wall (full of dishes)! Some of these belonged to Mom (and Dad) or were gifts from them, so I certainly couldn't replace those if we'd had the whole thing come crashing down!

One of the families who lived here before us had a guy who was a really BAD 'Do It Yourself' type. So we've been fixing his mistakes ever since we bought this house. Earl had to take the whole thing down, nail it back together (the back had separated from the rest of it), put a wooden reinforcement inside, find the STUDS (duh guy who did it in the first place) and then use long, long screws to attach it to the studs.

Well, that thing isn't ever going to come down now, even if we have an earthquake! (smile)

Earl also glued down the kitchen floor where it was coming up. They cut the flooring too close when they did it, clearly. Same thing where the same flooring when down a short flight of stairs to a landing and the door that goes into our garage. It was coming loose in three places on the stairs! I wish I could go back to the people who did it and complain -- even if it is years later -- but they aren't around anymore. (I wonder why???)

Tom came by with the chips for the Auction today (that he's donating). We drove them down and I got to introduce Tom to several people he hadn't previously met, which was cool. I love to show him off, frankly! And I love days when I actually get to see and talk to him.

The bad news for today is that our dishwasher went out. (sigh) I've been having issues with it leaking, but I thought maybe it was something that could be fixed. Not so. We really can't afford to replace it right now, but I'm checking out the prices on line. It's pretty impossible to live without a dishwasher. Oh, sure, I could go back to washing dishes by hand, I guess. I did it for most of my life, after all! But I don't much want to.

Anyway, Earl could do the installation for us if we got one soon, which is a good thing.

Oh, as a total aside to all the rest of this, I did finally color my hair on Monday (September 22). And I'm getting it cut on Friday (September 26). Both of these are very good things! (smile)

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