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Style=Mine . . . Thank God!

I have more than one community that I belong to that has layouts I just hate...

Look, it's not just about 'the pretty,' it's way more about people who insist on setting the font size so damn small that you need a magnifying glass to read the entries.

And that so makes sense in fanfic communities, doesn't it???

But if you take the actual URL of any LiveJournal entry (ending at .html) and add ?style=mine, then you'll see that entry displayed in your OWN style.

Here's an example!

Go from this:

To this:

(I added the highlighting so everyone can see EXACTLY the part that needs to change...)

Yeah, it's a still a pain to need to do that, but at least then you can READ what's in the entry!

I'm putting it here for easy gacking:

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I belong to one (fic) community we follow a lot that has tiny (tiny) text, so we'll be using this a lot. (heh)

Yeah, I've known about it for ages (I've belonged to lj_nifty for years), but I never have used it much. But that's going to change -- hopefully before I go blind from squinting at tiny print! (grin)

By the way, I found it interesting that my friend kerryblaze just mentioned it HERE (in her blog). A case of 'great minds think alike' -- or what?

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