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Drywall Looks Good, Plus Website Work

Earl has done an amazing job on the drywall work. He fixed both walls, using new boards and the old chunks of drywall. He also cut down a door to fit in the hall and hung it. He's having to build a small 'door' in Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bedroom that we can open to reach the place where you switch out the furnace filter.

He clearly knows his stuff! It's coming along really well so far.

Our hope is for him to finish up on Tuesday (Marilyn still gets Mondays off, so we're not going to have him over sooner). Then depending on how much stuff we get moved out of the downstairs (Marilyn's bedroom, walk-in closet and our family room), we'd love to have him do the painting next week -- or at least start it.

As for me, I spent much of the day working on those website pages (the ones that I've known were going to be due -- and that I got the phone call about earlier today).

It's a total (so far) of ten new pages -- so that's no small thing!

They aren't totally finished yet, but I'm getting really close. (Go, me.) I want to add a couple Flash slide shows, plus photos -- to spruce stuff up. (smile) That section is already large, with seven pages. When I'm done, it's going to be up to 17 pages (minimum). I know it's a lot, but the only way to do a detailed FAQ was to answer each question on a separate page. I tried to avoid it, but there was no way around it. I suspect it's going to make it easier to maintain, too, so that's all good.

I'm surprised by how many hours I can look at coding. It's almost scary! (smile) And the necessary graphics were a breeze to make. This past year of coding -- and web graphics -- has been so good for me!

By the way, I (finally) got this book:
HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)

I've wanted it for just ages now, so I'm excited to have it. (It got here yesterday.) I've been reading it and enjoying it, though I haven't had much spare time to really get into it yet...

Wow. It's already 1:30 a.m. Where did the time go? I'm tired, so I think I'll head to bed now. It's been a busy, busy day.
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