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Busy, Busy, Busy!

I just had lunch, happily. I was starved! We didn't have a bite to eat yesterday until after getting home from the vet (after getting home from work at the office). And then we didn't eat all that much. (I had half a baked potato and some Corn Nuts. And I'm really not sure Corn Nuts qualify as actual food!)

So, Earl got here around 10:00 a.m. this morning. Then he went off to buy supplies and has since been working away.

Sister Sue came over so I could make her a new billing (using Excel). The original one was submitted to the City of Eugene (Oregon), but the cost of using her was actually split between the City and the Union -- so I had to make a bill (cut in half) to be presented to the Union. Hopefully they'll finally PAY HER for her work. That would be nice!

We got Starbucks and McDonald's -- and even some baked potatoes from Wendy's (I'm hung up on them right now). I ate a sandwich and am now back at work (as is Earl). (Sue got sick after lunch. She did her burping thing and finally threw up, then headed off to pick up Nicole from school and head home.)

Poor Colin (Kitty) is terrified by the work, for whatever reason. Sweet little wuss. He's been sneaking around on his belly, hiding in weird places. I have no clue where he is at this moment in time. (sigh)

Okay, I went to check and he's actually hiding in my closet (on top of some 'clean' clothing). Good boy! That's much better than behind Marilyn's mistressmarilyn desktop computer, among various electrical wires (!!!).

Speaking of Marilyn, she has a very busy (and hard) day today. We've text-messaged back and forth a couple of times and talked (briefly) once. She sent me this message at one point:
OMG. My head will pop.

I hear that!

Diane phoned this morning to pin me down on the new court pages I'm doing for the website. (sigh) I'm working on them. I know they need to be up, but we're talking about SEVERAL new pages at the festival website that need to be coded -- and I haven't found the time, as yet.

I need to keep grinding away at it, obviously!

I'm burned that all our Pinnacle awards read 'Association' rather than 'Foundation.' I think IFEA should be made to REPLACE THEM. If they had spelled something wrong (making it the incorrect name) I'm sure they'd do so -- and this is NOT the correct name of our organization, so...

Back in the spring after we'd become a 501(c)(3) -- and officially a Foundation -- I had to really push to get our email blast service to make the change. While waiting, I put out two eNewsletters that had the wrong name -- and I got hammered by various Board Members! Those were only eNewsletters -- not permanent awards!

I can't believe we'd let this go. But it's not my call, so whatever. (sigh)

Earl is moving along nicely downstairs with the drywall project. If we can get things moved out, then we hope to have him get to the painting soon (maybe next week?).

The final step will be having the carpet installed. But there's a TON to move before that happens!!! (yikes)

I've been having issues with using Remote Access, which is how we connect to our work computers (and the Server at work) when here at home. I do a ton of my festival work from here, so I really need to have that available. (Plus I can do some of the IT-related work from home by connecting as the Administrator to our Server.) I'm not sure what's wrong, but I was finally able to connect to another computer (not mine) at the office -- so I need to check the settings (again) when I'm at the office next. (Which probably needs to be this weekend.)

We also have this anomaly where the Microsoft Firewall Client (for ISA Server 2004) will become disabled. Then you have to manually enter the server name.

Generally I can do that in my sleep (well, almost), but this morning when it happened I was going crazy trying to remember what to do. (smile) I phoned the office to get help, but that so didn't happen. (sigh) Nobody else in there gets it, that's all there is to it. Hell, it's my job, so what do I expect?

I've since reasoned it out -- and did a new page for my IT Manual (I've been working on for the past year). Now if it comes up again, someone can get into the manual and look it up!

Which, by the way, is exactly what Sara did recently. I wasn't there to help her -- and I wasn't near a computer when she phoned me. (We were on our way to Sauvie Island in the car, actually.) I hadn't remembered that I had the IT Manual on the server at work, or I'd have told her to look there. I was thinking I only had it on my jump drive. But she looked, found what she needed and did it. Good for her!

(And good for me for typing it all out and putting it on the Server -- as well as on my jump drive.) I keep saying that before I'm done I'll make it possible for anyone who is computer-savvy to follow my instructions to do what needs to be done. I just need to keep it up, of course! I've done a ton of it, but there's plenty more to do.

I'm good at 'tutorials' and other written instructions, because I rarely ever leave out even the smallest step. Anyone who has ever been confused by trying to follow a manual knows how important that is!

I just had to hunt for Colin, who moved out of my closet. He found the cutest place to hide! He's under my bed, right where the comforter comes down and meets the floor. He's managed to pull it down where it's lying under him -- so he's in a soft 'cave' of sorts. I hope he stays put!

Well, I need to get to work. More later (I hope).

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