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Henry is Good! Day at the Office...

First off, Henry (Tudor Cat) is fine -- and his problem with his nose is just allergies. (The same is true for his ears, apparently. So when he's digging at them, it's not about mites or some other BAD thing...)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a really bad allergic reaction to being in the lobby at our vet -- so she had to go sit in the car. Dr. McCoy, great guy that he is, went out to the parking lot to talk to her about Henry! I love that man. I really do.

I had a reaction, too. Dr. McCoy said they weren't using any new cleaning products (our first guess), so it might have been the two birds. It's totally a guess, but it's never happened to either of us before.

It was a busy (busy, busy) day at the office today. Marilyn was in almost constant meetings, and has a hugely busy day tomorrow, too.

I was dealing with a ton of IT-related things. I also started the process of getting our ClubRunner account (a website that can be used for our Board Members to 'self-manage'), which we're all really excited about. Some of the IT stuff is frustrating, to say the least. But when I solve a problem that seems impossible to solve, it's a very good feeling. (I had that happen again today, so it's all good...)

Staff Meeting was a celebration of our recent 2008 Pinnacle wins, which was cool. Jessica had the Christmas card Gold award by her (it was her concept and my artwork -- we're both very proud) -- and I had the eNewsletter Gold award by me. I also had the Silver certificate for the website by me. (smile)

Jeff shared some insights from the IFEA Convention and we had treats.

Paul was in the office volunteering today, covering the front desk and phones. It was GREAT to see him -- and to have him there to work. I love that guy.

Amanda came tonight and I slept through it. I basically came home from the vet and took a long nap...

That's about it for today! Bed soon. I've got Earl here tomorrow doing the drywall. I didn't get everything done I needed to do this week at the office, so I'll need to get in (again) this weekend, but that's okay...

Oh! And Marilyn is loving the new laptop -- and being able to work in the family room.

Life is (as always) good!

(Busy, but GOOD!)


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