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Nasalcrom for Allergies

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I use this product -- and it really does work to help with allergies.

It's worth every penny of the $17 it costs, and lasts for ages, too! It's silly not to at least give it a try...

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do need to be diligent about using it -- especially for the first several weeks. But it's an easy product to use, and after time you can reduce the number of times you use it daily. In fact, you might not need to use it more than once a week!

  • Nasal Allergy Symptom Controller.
  • 200 Metered Sprays: Each spray delivers 5.2 mg Cromolyn Sodium.
  • Full Prescription Strength.
  • Safe for Ages 2 Years & Older.
  • Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution USP.
  • Prevents and Relieves Nasal Allergy Symptoms:
    • Runny/Itchy nose
    • Sneezing
    • Allergic stuffy nose

  • What Makes NasalCrom Unique?
    • Nasal Allergy Symptoms Prevention:
      • NasalCrom can prevent nasal allergy symptoms when used before exposure to the cause of your nasal allergies, and will build protection against future symptoms as long as you continue to use NasalCrom as directed.

    • Effective Relief:
      • NasalCrom provides original prescription-strength relief of nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, sneezing and runny or itchy nose.

    • Works Only in Your Nose:
      • NasalCrom is a nasal spray that works only in your nose - where nasal allergens attack.
      • It helps to stop the cells in your nose from reacting to pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, so you don't experience nasal allergy symptoms.

  • Safe:
    • No drowsiness
    • No jitters
    • No rebound nasal congestion
    • Safe to use with other medicines including other allergy medicines
    • Non-habit forming
    • Safe to use throughout your allergy season
    • Good for year-round allergies
    • Safe for children as young as two years old

  • NasalCrom Nasal Spray is convenient and easy to administer using the metered spray pump. See package insert for spray pump directions.
  • Active ingredient made in Italy.
  • Finished product manufactured in the USA.

  • To prevent and relieve nasal symptoms of hay fever or other nasal allergies:
    • runny/itchy nose
    • sneezing
    • allergic stuffy nose
© 2005 Pfizer

I suggest checking THIS LINK regarding it.

And here are SOME REVIEWS of the product.

I can't begin to say how much Nasalcrom has helped my allergies. I don't know what I'd do without it...
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