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Vet Appointment!

Don't forget!!!

(Poor) Henry (Tudor Cat) needs his annual check-up (and shots) -- but he's also got something BAD going on with his poor nose, and it needs checking out pronto. (I hope it's nothing too serious...)

Vet Appointment: Thursday, September 18

For: Henry

With: Dr. McCoy

When: 3:20 p.m.

In Other News...

I had a somewhat new LJ Friend unfriend me. I'm not sure WHY, but it might have been based on the fact that I posted my own opinion about the use of the lj-cut tag in her blog as a comment, which differed from her opinion. For the record, I did try to be a good friend and comment to her fairly regularly, so naturally I'm disappointed.

It always makes me feel a bit like I've wasted my time (and my time is very precious to me), when I've read a person's blog and commented to it several times, and then they dump me. Everyone has that right, of course. But I guess I need to try and pick my friends more carefully sometimes. (smile) On the positive side, we had only been friends here for a couple of months, so it wasn't a big chunk of my time we're talking about.

It's weird to me, because I really think of my LiveJournal Friends as friends -- in the truest sense of the word. I know it can simply mean bookmarking a given blog for many, but it means having a friend to me (and sharing our lives). And I don't think I make it clear often enough that when I am 'on' here at LiveJournal, I spend a lot of time (and I mean a lot) READING the various entries of all my friends. I have 138 friends (currently), and also 'watch' 225 communities (including doing moderation at many). That's a total of 363 journals that I read on a regular basis. So, yeah, it can take time. (grin)

No, I don't always comment to what I read. I wish I could, but often it's pushing it to find time just to read. But comment or not, I do READ. And that means I feel a connection to all of you -- and it's a connection that's important to me. Well, the woman in question had a lot of life issues going on, so maybe she just couldn't deal with new friends right now. Who knows? OH! I just checked her blog. She says she did a 'friends cut' this morning and it's nothing personal. So...

I've got the carpet man here at the house in around an hour and I am NOT ready for him, so I'd better go!

I did work on the Lava River Cave (Road Trip) entry again last night -- and it's still not done! But I hope to finally post it this week (fun photos!).

I guess that's it for now!
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