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Fun Day up the Gorge (with Tom and sister Sue)!

I still need to post about the Clown Corps dinner, which was Friday night. It's hard to believe that I haven't even posted since Friday morning, when I was still working on my eNewsletter for work.

By the way, I now feel a tiny bit of PRESSURE to come up to my own standards with the eNewsletters I create! (grin) After all, now that the festival has the Gold (for our Newsletter), I want to make certain I maintain that same quality -- no matter what.

I got it out by the Friday afternoon deadline, and wrote all the actual auction-related copy myself (with help from Carol, of course). I've got a template I created that I use for the 'base' of the Newsletter (coded in both HTML and CSS). I change out colors according to the banners (headers) I make, which is different for each one. This includes changing out the h1 (etc.) color coding and the link colors. Plus I make new logos (gif transparents -- by the background color of each newsletter), too.

I love creating new graphic elements for each Newsletter, too -- often based on the subject matter contained in the edition. And I prepare all the actual photos used (which sometimes includes animated images). So there's quite a bit of work involved, but I really enjoy it!

I've already had several people tell me it's the nicest one yet, so I guess it's keeping up the 'good work' of the past year, anyway. (smile)

I have photos from the dinner Friday night -- but I haven't downloaded them off the camera yet. I'll try to do that soon! It was great seeing everyone -- and telling them that the Clown Corps won a Silver Pinnacle Award.

Today sister Sue came over. She's been having several dental issues, and had her partial pop off (again) during the Friday night dinner. (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but anyway, Sue is one of the clowns.) I felt so bad for her! It made it pretty difficult for her to eat. Plus she still has an abscess that's not going away (even with meds) -- and she's got an extraction set up for this coming Tuesday. She was rather blue today, needless to say.

She drove with Marilyn and me down to Sauvie Island to Kruger's Farm. We'd planned to U-pick green tomatoes and get some more zucchini, but there was a big bike rally going on, so we turned around and came back home. (We'll go down tomorrow, hopefully.) It was a nice drive, anyway! The weather was beautiful today.

We had plans to go with Tom up the Gorge, so we asked Sue to join us. This time around we took Marilyn's mistressmarilyn car, so we could have our tunes (iPod). Tom rode in front next to her, and Sue and I rode in back. We went to Hood River for Starbucks and McDonalds, then up to Mosier to the Twin Tunnels trailhead. We hiked back part way, but it was quite hot, so we didn't go all that far. We did pick up several more rocks for our rock garden (and to put around our fountain), though!

We got home around 4:00 (4:30?), which was good, considering Tom had to work tonight (and had worked last night, too). He's been pretty slammed at work lately, poor guy.

Anyway, we had a blast! I took photos which (again) I need to download and share -- hopefully soon.

Before Tom took off, we played him our PowerPoint from last year's Auction. Marilyn and I did a ton of work on it (just the timing to set the whole thing to music took hours and hours), so we're pretty proud of it -- and he didn't attend the Auction last year, so he'd never seen it before. It's our masterpiece. It's going to be hard to top it (match it?) this year. (And it's time to really start thinking about it soon, too.)

Tonight we went down to the office briefly. Marilyn needed to pick something up (and did some work), which I needed to swap out the battery in the fancy-assed battery pack/surge protector unit that we plug our routers (etc.) into. It went out on Labor Day, and since then those things were plugged into a cheap strip surge protector, or directly into wall outlets, which was not a good thing!

Happily, Sara helped me find the replacement battery for a reasonable amount of $$$. I'd been afraid we might need to completely replace the unit. It was a relief to find fix that IT-related problem, anyway. (I'd even had a nightmare about it...)

We just got Frosty Floats (rootbeer) from our local Wendy's -- and a couple of baked potatoes, too. The floats were yummy -- and I ate and really enjoyed my potato.

We're going to head to bed soon. Marilyn got some 'color' (a slight sunburn) today. It was a near record high here in Portland today -- and it's almost always hotter still up the Gorge. We're both worn out from the long drive, all the walking and the heat, I guess.

We are loving the hot weather, though! I hope it hangs around for weeks to come! I love Indian Summer in Portland.

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