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Annoying Morning...

I hope this isn't a sign for the rest of my day, but I'm having one of those mornings. (sigh)

I had a hard time dragging my ass out of bed, because I had a hard time going to sleep last night, because Henry Tudor cat had a hard time going to sleep -- and he was trying to keep the whole house awake most of the night!

Cats. Gotta love 'em.

Anyway, I stopped to make a pot of coffee right after Marilyn mistressmarilyn headed out the door, so it took me several minutes to realize she'd left without her cell phone. That's not only bad any day, but with no receptionist in the office right now, it's a seriously bad thing. The way things work now, you need your cell there to be sure you'll be reached.

She also got away without the DVD I'd carefully burned yesterday for Christie -- that she needed by TODAY, at the latest. (sigh)

Plus I couldn't Remote Access to my work computer properly. I got a weird error message that I've never received before. (Damn. I need to do maintenance on all those office computers! I never seem able to get to that...)

And I'm sitting here nodding, because I'm only half awake still...

I think a cup of that coffee I brewed is in order now (and maybe a bowl of Cheerios).

I need to get to work and finish up the eNewsletter that's going out today. And, yeah, after winning the Gold for the festival eNewsletters, I do feel a certain added pressure to uphold my own standards of 'excellence' -- if you know what I mean. (smile) But that's seriously a GOOD thing.

(I so do want to discuss that in detail. I knew I was producing a good product, but it's still an amazing feeling to get an award for it. There were times when I had some doubts -- especially when others seemed less-than-happy with the results. But clearly those doubts weren't justified after all...)

Good news!!!

Angel is meeting with Marilyn this morning. He lives in Vancouver, so he's going to drop by and pick up her cell and the DVD on his way to the office. (She noticed the missing phone on her way to work, but didn't have time to come back -- she's pretty slammed right now.)

So now I don't need to figure out how to take the things there myself!

Lemons, you are now officially lemonade.

Time for coffee -- and then time to get to work!

Tags: 2008, cell, christie, enewsletter, festival, henry-tudor-cat, marilyn, september-2008, sleepy, work

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