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Lunch with Tom!

I stayed home this morning to continue working on the eNewsletter that needs to go out tomorrow. (No, it's not quite finished yet! But it will go out on time tomorrow, never fear!)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and were slated to have lunch with Tom (at 1:00 p.m.), so I had him come by to get me on his way to the office.

The first thing he did when he came in was throw his arms around me and congratulate me on the Pinnacle Award wins, which just tickled me to death. He's the sweetest guy ever!

Oh! Jodi phoned me this morning to congratulate me, as well! It was a nice surprise, as I wasn't even sure she knew the news. (I'm excited to see her tomorrow night at the Clown Corps dinner.)

We met Marilyn and walked over to Macadam's Bar & Grill. We all three had the Macadam Cobb (iceberg lettuce topped with house smoked turkey breast, avocado, pepper bacon, sliced egg, kalamata olives, diced tomatoes, bleu cheese and your choice of dressing), and we shared a Jalapeno & Artichoke Dip (cheddar, jack and parmesan cheeses, chopped jalapeno and artichoke hearts; served with house fried tortilla chips). All very yummy! It's the best Cobb salad ever!

I had Tom take me shopping on the way back home, as I needed to pick up a few things. Then he came in and we talked and talked. I haven't seen him much lately (he's been HAMMERED at work), so I was reluctant to let him go. (smile)

Tom remains as incredibly generous and giving as always. There aren't even words to express how generous he is. Happily, he's going to attend the Auction (tickets cost $100 -- Marilyn pays for the tickets for both of us), and make a donation for procurement, too.

We need to sell more tickets and get more items, but things seem to be going well at this point. And I'm hoping the eNewsletter will encourage people to attend -- or to make donations to the pre-Appeal.

I'll just enjoy having Tom attend -- and he's even said he'll help out in advance, which is cool. He's such a big, strong guy that it's wonderful to think about him being there to assist. We don't have a lot of men around to pack and carry stuff (so generally it's all us women doing it)...

The weather remains lovely here -- very much Indian Summer, which is one of the nicest times in Portland. I had to water when I got home, as I'd slacked off and forgot it this morning (!!!), and the flowers were drooping! (yikes)

I want to write more about the Pinnacle Awards, but I think I'll save that for another time...

In Other News...

Earl installed our new GARBAGE DISPOSAL yesterday morning. We never used the one that was here when we moved in, and then one day Tom looked at it and found it was badly rusted. He was worried the bottom would rust through and we'd have a mess with water everywhere, so we made it a priority to get this done. Now I'm actually using it, which is a big deal. (I've always been freaked out by them, so Tom loves to tease me about it... heh...)

As I mentioned before, we've picked out our new carpet for downstairs. Steven from Rose City Carpet is coming out next Tuesday to take measurements. (Before we actually do the carpeting, we want Earl to do the drywall job we need and then paint. It's going to make quite a change to get all this done!)

We took back the sample carpet after Marilyn got home from work. We'd been set on the wine color and have now decided on the green. We're thinking that we'll hang the Centennial blanket on one wall. (We want to do an accent wall in green, which would be perfect for the blanket.)

We went to see "The Dark Knight" again tonight. Marilyn's still working on her fic, so she needed to see it to do additional research. (And we love the film, so why not see it again?) I'm pretty sure I never mentioned that by the second time we'd seen it (tonight was the fifth time) we were both far more impressed than after the initial viewing. I'm not sure why we were so critical after that first time, but I now think it's an amazing movie -- and I enjoy it more every time we go.

I've been reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series. I've finished both "Twilight" and "New Moon," to date. I've also been reading just a TON of other books. I recently finished "People of the Owl" -- and want to get more of the novels written for that series by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear. Plus I just got Louisa May Alcott's "Little Men" and re-read it -- and I also got the sequel "Jo's Boys," which I'm in the middle of reading. I've never read this one before (!!!), so it's interesting. I've read "Little Women," "Little Men" and "Eight Cousins" countless times in my life, but not recently.

(To be honest, I find it DAUNTING to even try and keep track of all the books I read. I wish I were better about mentioning them in my blog! One day I tried to just sit and list the many (many, many) books I've read in my life, but it was an impossible task! I finally threw in the towel and decided I'd need to tackle it when I had more free time (whenever that might be). I'd love to have a list, but I've spent my entire life reading five to ten books at a time (not including all the manuals I'm always reading at the same time), so it's no small task we're talking about...)

Well, it's past midnight, so I imagine we'll head to bed soon. We've got another busy day facing us -- and that dinner tomorrow night! We're going to go down to 'the island' on Saturday to get more green tomatoes (and other goodies), and drive up the Gorge with Tom on Sunday. Marilyn would also like to do something on Monday (she hasn't said what). We do want to take full advantage of the nice weather while we still have it!
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